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When to put "& Guest" on Wedding RSVP envelope addressing?

If I know that Mr. John Smith is single but I'm not sure if he will arrive by himself or with a date to our wedding, do I address the inner envelope as "Mr. Smith & Guest"? or do I not put the word "Guest" at all? I want to make sure people know they can bring a date, but I don't want them to feel obligated to bring a date when they see "& Guest". What is the right way? The RSVP card asks the number of people who are coming. I've been writing "& Guest" and wanted to make sure I'm doing it correctly.

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    All you have to do is put the option for a guest on the RSVP. You don't put it on the envelope because the envelope is addressed to HIM, not to the guest.

    You could do something like:

    "Please indicate yes or no (Y or N) if attending

    Mr. John Smith__ and guest__"

    Envelopes are only addressed to actual people.

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    You put the "and Guest" and you accomodate the extra numbers in the count you give the caterer. You do know these people right? so you can let them know they are not obligated but to feel free if they wish to bring a date. You will have to eat the cost if someone does not bring a guest but if you are being genrerous enough to allow for a guest then an empty space or two should not be a problem. Congratulations

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    I agree- put & guest on the invitation and then you or your fiance let the person know (in person or by phone) that they're welcome to bring someone but not obligated to. On the RSVP card you can put a space where they write the names of the people attending so you know whether you need to pay for the guest/make place cards, etc.

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    A polite host will almost never use "and Guest." It is polite to contact your single guests ahead of time and ask for the name of the person they will likely bring to the wedding, then use that name when addressing the invitation.

    Please note that contrary to popular belief, you do not need to invite every single person to bring a date to your wedding. Engaged, cohabitating, and long-term established couples are a social unit and must be invited together (and addressed by name), but those who are single or casually dating may be invited alone. A wedding is a great place to meet people!

    Happy planning.

    Source(s): Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior
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    If you want people to know they can bring a date then "& Guest" should appear on the envelopes (both of them). Some people will respond with a guest others won't.

    If you don't put "& Guest" then it will be assumed a date is not allowed.

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    You don't put any address on the back flap of your rsvp. It's already addressed to you, so I just left mine at that. I also put a stamp on each one for my guest's convenience. I had a lot of comments about how thoughtful that was. It didn't mean that I got more replies though. I thought it would, but it didn't.

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    The and guest goes on the inner envelope of the invitation. You don't put and guest on the rsvp envelope or on the rsvp card. You let the guest you've invited fill that out and mail it to you.

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    Yes, you should definately put "and guest". If you just put Mr. John Smith, it would mean that he should NOT bring a guest.

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