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how to extract all dlls and exe and make it run??

READ THIS!!!! my friend has a big program is mitchell on demand i wanna a copy of it so i went with my hard drive and copy all when i copy all the information to my computer when i click on the program icon it does not work so but it does not have an option to .exe like run the program on my pc so i try winzip and it did not work how to make that program run like if im downloading the program you with all the ''next'' and all that ( what i want is to have that program in my computer how to make it run?.....thanks a lot for your answers!!//=] ..

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    you really need to give more information. i can't even understand your sentences.

    is this a program you downloaded or does it have an installation CD?

    if you downloaded it, you may need to burn it to a cd or mount it to a virtual drive to run it. if you bought it. insert the cd to your computer

    if you downloaded it, and it's not a cd image, then you need to extract the fiels into a folder and run the exe to the program.

    but what you've said makes no sence. rewrite it in english, don't abbreviate anything and make sure everything you need to tell us is there

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