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How does your dog compare?

To anyone who owns a purebred dog, how does he/she compare to a champion of the breed? Did you adopt her or did you get her from a breeder?

Judge is possibly purebred, but I'm not 100% sure. We adopted him from the shelter about a year ago. He was probably used as a hunting dog.

Uno (The best beagle at the moment)



Judge (A shelter beagle)




By the way, on the last picture the rabbit was photoshopped (rather poorly) onto the picture. Didn't have the original already uploaded. :)

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    Oy, where to start.

    I own 3 purebred dobermans:

    Amara-fawn/rust female, She's pretty well put together for the most part, she's proportional, but too large. *I* think she is roachbacked but my friends say she wouldn't be if she were stacked... w/e. She's got a thin coat, no surprise since she's a fawn. She has a longish head, although it technically conforms to the standard, and not enough chin for my taste even though her bite is still correct. Her eyes are well set and the correct shape and her feet are PERFECT! I don't know why but I'm obsessed with dobie feet. Her biggest issue is size. She's 27.5in which is the optimum size for a male. She's too tall for a female with the preferable height at 25.5in. I've never stacked her so it's hard to REALLY compare her, but some of the volunteers who show said she's not a bad looking dog. Not show quality, but not bad either.

    Diesel-black/rust male, is short, he's 25.5in when he should be 26-28in. He's got beautiful markings, a very deep rust, and a pefect coat texture. He's got good eyes, maybe a tad round and his head is a little thick for a dobe but is still within standard. His BIGGEST and most obviously flaw was summed up by our vet, who has shown dobermans (moved on to smaller dogs since he's gotten older) and is still a doberman club member, he's judged before and knows dobermans. We went to get Diesel checked up and when he walked into the room, "Oh! What a BEAUTIFUL rear!" walks around in front of Diesel "oh, what a great chest".... walks to the side "the middle.... umm... not so sure about?" lol. I joke around, saying D is a long legged daschund. His body is WEIRDLY long, which makes him slightly swaybacked. He is WAAAAAAAY out of proportion, he looks downright silly from the side. From the back and the front though he just looks pretty good. DEFINITELY *NOT* show material though! He's also bow legged, back and front. He walks a little "fruity" and like his "junk" is in the way haha.... He has perfect dobie feet too :)

    Ruby- red/rust female.... whelp. She's got bug eyes... She's about 23.5 in at the shoulder and is only 45lbs. She is WAY too small, I joke that she's my dwarf doberman. Her conformation is pretty hard to judge though because she's broken (almost but not quite crippled), but she's way too small to be good quality, not to mention my roommate calls her Jar-Jar Binks (from starwars) because of the bug eyes.

    Ruby and Diesel are both rescues, Amara is technically from a puppymill although it wasn't one of the horrible cruel ones, still crappy. My last puppy buying mistake.

    All 3 are on my 360 page.

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    Breed standards can be found in many books, the AKC website, and on the breed club's website. My Aussie girl was sold as show quality, and indeed started working on her Ch. Problem was she never went into heat, effectively kicking us out of the ring. Being sterile is obviously a fault, even if they don't actually have that on the breed standard. Aleu fails in the personality department simply as she's not reserved with strangers at all. She's a ham! Her biggest fall point comes from her coat. It's just a bit too thin (it use to be horrible but more time outside, and better dog food helped termendiously with that). She's also slightly wider than what is generally prefered, though she fits into what's considered acceptable. Other than that, all looks well. Though I'm honestly no expert in judging.

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    We have 4 standard poodles, and when we got our first from a BYB, I thought she was the most beautiful dog in the world! She is still pretty, but is a horrible example of the breed in so many ways (like so many BYB dogs are!)- here are the things that she is opposite of the breed standard in= she has very thick bones- her feet are way too large and flat, her tail sticks straight out behind her like a lab- her points (lips, eyelids, etc.) are pink instead of brown, and her nose is too light. Her gait is overreaching in the back, wristy in the front. (Actually, I could let her grow long and register her as a labradoodle, she meets THAT breed standard exactly!)- spayed

    Poodle #2 was also obtained by a BYB (a better one, but still a BYB)- here's how she falls short on the breed standard= her eyes are round, her nose is too short and she has too much lip. Her tail sticks straight out behind her, her gait is bouncy, not smooth- she is high in the rear, and has straight shoulders (as does poodle #1)- she is wristy, but has better reach and drive than #1- spayed

    Poodle #3 we got from a reputable breeder- he has his UKC Ch., and his international Ch.- we got 3 AKC points (all owner handled against a professional handler)- before we got sick of the politics- he has a beautiful head- his BEST quality- and the first thing people notice about him- his only "faults" are that he is somewhat straight shouldered (better than my girls, though) He is also slightly close in the rear- he has good bone and GREAT movement- he's going for his UKC Gr. Ch.- intact at 6 years old- will probably never be bred.

    Poodle #4 we co-own with a reputable breeder of numerous AKC and UKC Ch. He is still developing (11 months old), but I don't care for his head- looking at his daddy's and that of other silvers, I think it will become more refined as he ages- they heads were blocky as well as puppies- He has GREAT shoulder layback, which is lacking right now in poodles- he is easty/westy in the front, but we hope that will change as he ages. His chest hasn't dropped yet, but there is always time for that. He will be attending his second UKC show next weekend- we will consider AKC once his chest drops and we see how he develops- Whether or not he will be bred remains to be seen, and is up to the breeder at this point.

    I have learned more about the breed standard by watching my 4 develop than by anything else I've done- it's quite amazing to see how the move and react in daily life based on their structure.

    All 4 of them can be seen on my blog at www.poodlebugs.blogspot.com

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    My dog is a pure breed beagle. I got him from a breeder 10 years ago. And also my family has always had beagles by looking at the picture of yours I would say its pure breed. The reason I say this is because of his markings see his tail, how the end is white that's one trait all pure beagles get. Another marking is the white that goes on his neck about half way up that's another. Also his size is around what a beagle should be. And one more thing the picture of him braking up the tree that's definitely beagle instinct. So by looking at his picture and comparing him to mine and other beagles he seems pure breed to me.

    Source(s): My own beagle!
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    Both my show dogs are from very good lines, and both have the potential to finish their championships, if I decide to push on it hard enough (translate - spend the $$$ to go to enough shows). Both are well within standard.

    My foster male is from one of the largest puppymills in the country. He's a very sweet and sociable dog, but far from standard. He has a terrible rear end, and will probably develop arthritis in the hips as he gets older. He has a lot of other faults for conformation, but is a really gentle, easy going guy.

    Judge looks purebred to me, although I'm far from being knowledgeable about beagles.

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    I have 2 purebred chihuahuas. I don't know what judges would think of them. To tell the truth, when I look at any chihuahua, I just see a pet. I can't really tell the difference between a champion and a regular pet. I am curious, though. I would love to hear what someone who knows about such things would say about them:)

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    My dogs are either champions or on their way to becoming champions. I obtained 2 of them from other breeders (I co-own the grandmother's sister of one) and bred the other 2.

    I work my dogs. Adherence to the breed standard is necessary so that they are capable of doing the job they were bred for.

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    I got both my dogs from breeders, both are altered, we wanted pets. I've never checked to see how they conform to breed standard and while I do have them groomed I keep them scruffy looking rather that a typical Westie cut.

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    My dog IS an AKC champion! :)

    My rescue Border Collies are NOT even close to the show dogs! They are working type border collies.

    AND of course my mutt is nothing close! :)

    I think your dog looks purebred!

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    HAHhahaaa that last picture is awesome!!!... he looks Pure to me!!!!! My doberman was given to me as a present from my BF... ( bought from a breeder) hes not akc or anything ..i could care less...But when ever we see a Red dobie In a show it looks Exactly like him..Too cute! Hes the perfect breed standard too!

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