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What's your daily hair routine?

I have thin, blonde hair that dries out easily. It's frustrating because if I don't blow dry it and straighten it, it gets all icky and wavy and kinky, even if I run my fingers through it and brush it repeatedly as it dries. But if I blow dry and straighten it, my hair gets damaged, and the ends are VERY damaged. I look horrible with short hair, so cutting it short is out of the option. I just cut my unhealthy ends off, and I want to keep my hair healthier so I can grow it longer. I wash it every day because it gets oily fast. What's the best daily hair routine to have?

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    my hair routine(daily and weekly):

    i wash my hair every other day so I'll go by that, it doesn't dry out my hair, and it just wear it up on off days.

    so every other day i wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo(to remove gunk) then i condition it(for 3 minutes while in the shower). then i apply a leave in conditioner. then i apply a thermal protection hair serum and blow dry. then i apply a heat protector spray and straighten my hair. the spray a shine spray all over.

    weekly: i use a deep conditioning mask once a week, it really helps with the damage.

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    well stop washing it every day because it's stripping the oils out making it drier find shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair and when its healthier switch to oily hair ones, to keep it from looking oily i know it sounds weird but if you take a little tiny bit of baby powder put at the roots then like work it through your hair either with your fingers or a brush it absorbs the oil

    i also wouldn't blow it out and straighten it every day switch it up and scrunch it some days or just wear it up in like a messy bun and keep out bangs so it gets a break from being processed

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    Brown with blond highlights Thick nice strands merely above shoulders with fringe My on a daily basis ordinary includes taking a bath, blow drying it so the returned and sides finally end up and the genuine layer has volume and flips inward, making particular the bangs (fringe) all bypass forward. Then i exploit a curling iron (a million a million/2 in) to ensure quite some the bangs bypass over my precise eye, and a small section bypass in direction of the left (parted a ways left). Then I fluff and spray. This new decrease is a soreness interior the butt even though it quite is gorgeous as hell!

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    Go natural. Wash your hair every night and let it dry naturally. Don't bother with any hot irons or blow dryers or anything. No hair dye either. If you want you can use Silk Drops. You can get them at wal-mart for like 5 dollars. And they work great!

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    well this is mine 4 taking a shower:

    i put moisturizing shampoo in my hair let it set 4 a min.

    then rinse.

    after that i put conditioner in my hair and imedditly rinse out completely!!!!!

    after that i get out and let it dry w/ out blow dryer.

    (i brush it the whole time)

    also before bed i brush it and throughout the school day i brush it in between classes

    my hair is shiny and has no tangles i guess its cause of this

    good luck

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    take a shower the night before and dont blow dry it

    then when you wake up in the morning straiten it.

    it works for me!! also try some hello hydration shampoo from herbal essences. i need help with me hair too...;_ylt=AlOsJ...

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    i have to blow dry my hair then straighten it or else it's all frizzy and way too wavy

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