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Acer 5670 laptop repair question?

(i dont have computer insurance. )he is the deal the plastic cover on the plastic seem to be coming apart starting from where the LCD screen is connect so as of right now my LCD screen is barely connected to that of the plastic cover an it slight hanging. Where can i get it fixed ? i tried best buy but they werent any help. The computer itself is still decent condition. Where can i get this fix or how ? how much?

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    First, the place not to go to... Geek Squad. They are the worst. The worst trained, and they charge the most.

    Computer Repair people tend to be software-oriented. Their hardware experience tends to consist of swapping standard modules (Memory, Power supply, Hard Drive, etc). However, laptops are all different (With the exception of Hard Drives and a few other components). Most computer repair companies will either not work on it, or send it out to a company in California. Some who are new in business may think they can fix it, and get in over their heads. A few companies will have the expertise to do this repair. They will have electronics and soldering experience, and be able to replace the motherboard in your laptop without breaking a sweat. Call around from the phone book, and find a company that can do this for you. I'm not sure where you're located, but here in NJ there were very few companies that could do this.

    Be aware it might be pretty easy to fix, or replace the cracking plastic, but you don't want anyone but an expert opening up a laptop. They are much more complicated than desktops. You'd be surprised how many laptops I got in, either put together poorly, or completely disassembled, as the previous Tech couldn't put it back together properly.

    Prices could range from $60 (Labor only, Tech glues the plastic, and tightens the loose screws under the plastic), to $200 (Expensive labor, Tech replaces the plastic with a new bezel from Acer). If you need a new plastic lid/bezel, the Tech could save you some money by getting a used on on Ebay.

    Source(s): Owned a computer repair company, did this type of repair frequently.
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    Computer Repair individuals tend to be software-oriented. Their hardware expertise tends to contains swapping normal modules (Memory, Power provides, Hard Drive, etc). However, laptops area unit all completely different (With the exception of exhausting Drives and some different components). Most laptop repair firms can either not work thereon, or send it bent a corporation in Calif. Some WHO area unit new in business might imagine they will fix it, and find in over their heads. Some firms can have the experience to try and do this repair. They’re going to have physics and attachment expertise, and be ready to replace the motherboard in your laptop computer while not breaking a sweat. Decision around from the phone book, and realize a corporation which will do that for you. I am undecided wherever you are set, however here in New Jersey there have been only a few firms that would do that.

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    The fan desires to get replaced, the grinding noise skill the bearings are failing, and the fan ought to fail thoroughly quickly, in which case overheating ought to damage the gadget board. that is not a important restore, or very confusing/intense priced, yet DO GET THE gadget fixed less than assure by skill of a licensed keep or you'll LOSE the warranty!

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