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Make-Up Help?

Ok, I'm 17 and I have no idea how to do make-up at all. I distinctly remember 7th grade when I covered my eyes with some cheep neon blue eyeshadow and wore my sister's size 13 pants (she's 6 ft. tall) and I'm 5'3 and wear a 5.

I also had a friend in 8th grade who wore TONS of it and I told her I would never wear make-up because I was secure with myself and she looked like a clown anyway.

But...I want to experiment with my style. I have no idea how to apply or what I should wear. I know I like dramatic eyes and naked lips. Black eye liner swirled on my temple or something like that. I'm kind of weird. But I don't want it super thick or anything like that.

Any help for the make-up retarded?



This is me a couple of years ago. Just make the hair way longer (but going to be short again soon!) and you have me now.

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    okay let me help you...no swirls on the temples....if you have blue eyes use a gold or green eyeshadow....if you have brown or any other color then use purple, green, blue, or white [just on the lid] now for the eyeliner...use black very defined...now use black mascara.....if you use anything on the lip let it be clear or a light shade of pink or gold........now dont use foundation or blush..

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    im 16 and ive been wearing makeup for three years. you basically just have to play around with it one day to figure out what you like. in seventeen magazine they give you tips on how to apply certain styles of makeup.

    if you like dramatic eyes i recommend buying some eyeliner and eye shadow in the color you like and then just take about an hour to put it on and play with it to get the style ur looking for! eventually it will just come to you and be part of ur routine

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    If you can post a pic so we can tell you what would look slammen on you but you dont have to if you are uncomfortable. So since you like dramatic eyes I suggest going to a MAC counter b/c they are known for there hot eye colors and they can also teach you how to do it correctly.

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    Go to the mall, and find a department store selling makeup. Tell them you want to start buying makeup but don't know how to wear it properly, or what to buy.

    They will show you how to do EVERYTHING as well as help you find the right colors/shades that you need to get to look good.

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    I'd say just wear a blusher, mascara and a bit of eye shadow. you don't need much anyway. make sure you stick to natural colors. NO BLUE OR GREEN.

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