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Pro's and cons of America and Ireland?

I am thinking about moving to America when I finish studying. My whole family were actually thinking about it.

I live in Ireland and this place has gone to the dogs! The most you get for brutally murdering a person is about 7 years. The judges make excuses for these scumbages like, "they came from a bad area". All the more reason to put them away for life I think! Oh yeah and life here is 25 years. No kidding.

There is a crisis with young people here (I'm 16 so I have first hand experience).

Under 25's are going crazy. Anyone from the british Isles will know what I'm talking about. Scumbag chavs are taking over and killing people left right and centre. The people of this country have never seen anything like it before. Aside from that the prices of things here here are disgraceful! And the quality is awful!

But anyway, I'd like to know some pro's and cons of America. Preferably from (but not limited to) someone who has experience of both Ireland and America.



How much is a tub of Ben and jerry's in America? I converted it and here its about $9.50.

We have nothing here. Try looking for a good dog breeder, or a dog trainer. Not to mention the animal welfare here is absolutly atrocious. The county of Wexford alone euthanises more dogs each year than Scotland, Wales and London combined. Just a snippit of info.

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    Hey. I live in Dublin but I've spent some time in the U.S, as I have family there too. I hate the way Ireland has changed in the past decade, It's almost as though the economic boom has ultimately destroyed our culture. I'm hoping to emigrate permanently to the united states within the next couple of years, as I am almost finished my college degree. I'm aware that North America isn't perfect, college can be extremely expensive there. The lack of a national health service makes health insurance difficult to afford for some people. Without insurance, medical bills can run into millions of dollars in a worst case scenario. Minimum wage averages $7 (depending on state), think about it - that's only €4.50 for an hours work, almost half of what you'd earn here. The U.S is in the middle of an economic decline at the moment. It is very difficult to emigrate there without having immediate family or a spouse; if you choose to move there alone (in case your family doesn't move over) at some point, employers favor college graduates. As for pros, well, in my opinion, the quality of living is much higher. America has a culture of 24/7 availability of goods and services. Gas costs $3 a gallon, as opposed to €1.15 a liter. T.V is great there :) in comparison to ours. Depending on where you live, the weather can be great too - year round sunshine and/or predictable seasons. I would gladly give up constant rain and our culture of drink for the freedom to finish work in the evening and go shopping or play sports in the sun. Just sayin'. Ireland is great for tourists and I'm sure a lot of people are very happy living here, but it doesn't suit everybody.

    Edit: I think the last time I bought some Ben&Jerry's in NYC it cost about $4/5, not sure tho so don't quote me! :)

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    Vade, you're an fool. have you ever been to eire earlier? in case you have not come for a three hundred and sixty 5 days and observe the way you flow, do not attempt to purchase a house or something till you've spent some genuine time right here. it would workout straightforward very different to the vacation eire you recognize.

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