Help with CATNIP! When do i plant catnip? And will Incects get to it if i do plant catnip outside?

I currently have a Catnip plant growing inside, and it is about 7 inches tall, and has pretty big leaves, but i want to plant it out side, because it deos not seem to be growing very much because it is in a pot. It deos not get all the sun it should get. But i had a pepper mint plant, and planted it outside, and lots of worms got to it and destroyed it, but i do not know if it would happen to this same plant. so what should i do? If you have a cat nip plant, and plated it outside, did bugs get to it such as worms????

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    Catnip grows like a weed around my farm and it is a lot hardier than the other mints around here that take some coddling and tend to have more insect pressure than catnip. But I am talking about 'nip that has gone native around here.

    transplanting an indoor plant is a whole nother ball of wax. first thing you want to do is wait until the weather in your area is spring like meaning night time temps are no longer going below 45F. catnip is a cold hardy plant but only after it gets established. before transplanting you will need to harden it off-i.e. get it used to outdoor conditions. Put it out side in the pot for 4 or 5 hours out of direct sunlight the first day and keep it out longer and long so at the end of 7 days the catnip has been outside in full sun for 24 hours straight. Now it is ready to transplant.

    Once outdoors I would be far more worried about cats finding it than insects.

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    I have catnip, and I have a VERY old hint., Just get an old birdcage from a yard sale, thrift shop, etc., and put it over the plant. Cats will be able to "prune" the stems, but cannot destroy the parent.

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    i've got have been given a cat merely like this,lol, yet her ingredient is attacking the plant and digging the airborne dirt and dust out to computer screen it fly. She would not use it as a bathing room, merely likes to confirm the airborne dirt and dust fly. placed the vegetation up off of the floor on severe plant stands. I take paper plates and decrease them in sections to cover the airborne dirt and dust. The laundry room punishment won't artwork. they are in a position to't make the relationship. Clap your palms and say "no" in a noisy voice once you spot them attacking the plant. It might desire to be finished whilst they're doing it, they gained't recognize what contained in the heck you're doing if finished later. shop this up each and every time and that they're going to affiliate the loud unsightly noise and voice with the plant assaults.

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    Catnip grows well outside...but no fence I know of will keep a cat with any self respect from getting into it! Unless you want a feral colony hanging around your house, you might want to keep it indoors.

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    catnip grows very out side put fencing around it to keep cats away from it i never had any trouble with insects.

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