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help with crochet repair, Please?

I foolishly unraveled about one inch of my foundation chain. Can anyone help me figure out how to fix this???


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    This can be repaired.

    Take a yarn needle, or large tapestry needle, thread it with the end and just start going through the end loops of your stitches.

    Make sure that your needle has grabbed or gone through the two bottom legs of your first unraveled stitch, from RIGHT to left, then grab the LAST LOOP of your previous untouched chain stitch.

    It's not as hard as it sounds. Very carefully, WITHOUT unraveling the good part of your foundation chain, just loosen it up a little bit. Just a tiny bit, and you'll see what I mean. Thread your yarn, go through those two loops of your double crochet (if that's what you used), then grab the last part of the chain that wasn't unraveled.

    Then go and grab the next two loops of the next stitch, from right to left, come around and go through the chain stitch you just made. You'll see your chain foundation forming again.

    And, when you finish it, just pull gently on it, so that it stays put and use the yarn needle and your hands to pull on any large stitch that may have formed. When you make the edging, it won't show.

    Relax, it CAN be done!

    Hope this helps!


    pictures I took of the process

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    was your piece started well and you unpicked the foundation chain?? or had you just finished your foundation chain without starting on anything else? or unpick your foundation from the beginning.

    I would pull everything out and start over!!

    Crocheting for more than 50 years!! I pull out a lot of work. My husband and son swear that I cannot use new yarn or thread.

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    that will be difficult to repair since it the foundation chain. it will affect all the stitches after.

    start over. i know its a lot off work but it worth it of your project is just the way you like it.

    hope i helped.

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    Definitely start again. You will just confuse yourself if you try to repair it any other way.

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    you can increase stitches by placing more than one stich in a space, or you could start over.

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