The word "water"?

Hello, would you mind telling me the use of the word "water"

can you give me a couple of sentences please?

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    wa·ter /ˈwɔtər, ˈwɒtər/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[waw-ter, wot-er] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation

    –noun 1. a transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, H2O, freezing at 32°F or 0°C and boiling at 212°F or 100°C, that in a more or less impure state constitutes rain, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.: it contains 11.188 percent hydrogen and 88.812 percent oxygen, by weight.

    2. a special form or variety of this liquid, as rain.

    3. Often, waters. this liquid in an impure state as obtained from a mineral spring: Last year we went to Marienbad for the waters.

    4. the liquid content of a river, inlet, etc., with reference to its relative height, esp. as dependent on tide: a difference of 20 feet between high and low water.

    5. the surface of a stream, river, lake, ocean, etc.: above, below, or on the water.

    6. waters, a. flowing water, or water moving in waves: The river's mighty waters.

    b. the sea or seas bordering a particular country or continent or located in a particular part of the world: We left San Diego and sailed south for Mexican waters.

    7. a liquid solution or preparation, esp. one used for cosmetic purposes: lavender water; lemon water.

    8. Often, waters. Medicine/Medical. a. amniotic fluid.

    b. the bag of waters; amnion: Her water broke at 2 a.m.

    9. any of various solutions of volatile or gaseous substances in water: ammonia water.

    10. any liquid or aqueous organic secretion, exudation, humor, or the like, as tears, perspiration, or urine.

    11. Finance. fictitious assets or the inflated values they give to the stock of a corporation.

    12. a wavy, lustrous pattern or marking, as on silk fabrics or metal surfaces.

    13. (formerly) the degree of transparency and brilliancy of a diamond or other precious stone.

    14. take water, (of a boat) to allow water to enter through leaks or portholes or over the side.

    –verb (used with object) 15. to sprinkle, moisten, or drench with water: to water the flowers; to water a street.

    16. to supply (animals) with water for drinking.

    17. to furnish with a supply of water, as a ship.

    18. to furnish water to (a region), as by streams; supply (land) with water, as by irrigation: The valley is watered by a branch of the Colorado River. Our land is watered by the All-American Canal.

    19. to dilute, weaken, soften, or adulterate with, or as with, water (often fol. by down): to water soup; to water down an unfavorable report.

    20. Finance. to issue or increase the par value of (shares of stock) without having the assets to warrant doing so (often fol. by down).

    21. to produce a wavy, lustrous pattern, marking, or finish on (fabrics, metals, etc.): watered silk.

    –verb (used without object) 22. to discharge, fill with, or secrete water or liquid, as the eyes when irritated, or as the mouth at the sight or thought of tempting food.

    23. to drink water, as an animal.

    24. to take in a supply of water, as a ship: Our ship will water at Savannah.

    –adjective 25. of or pertaining to water in any way: a water journey.

    26. holding, or designed to hold, water: a water jug.

    27. worked or powered by water: a water turbine.

    28. heating, pumping, or circulating water (often used in combination): hot-water furnace; city waterworks.

    29. used in or on water: water skis.

    30. containing or prepared with water, as for hardening or dilution: water mortar.

    31. located or occurring on, in, or by water: water music; water frontage.

    32. residing by or in, or ruling over, water: water people; water deities.

    —Idioms33. above water, out of embarrassment or trouble, esp. of a financial nature: They had so many medical bills that they could hardly keep their heads above water.

    34. break water, a. to break the surface of the water by emerging from it.

    b. Swimming. to break the surface of the water with the feet, esp. in swimming the breaststroke doing the frog kick.

    c. Medicine/Medical. to break the amniotic sac prior to parturition.

    35. by water, by ship or boat: to send goods by water.

    36. dead in the water. dead (def. 41).

    37. hold water, a. to be logical, defensible, or valid: That accusation won't hold water.

    b. to check the movement of a rowboat by keeping the oars steady with the blades vertical.

    38. in deep water, in great distress or difficulty: Their marriage has been in deep water for some time.

    39. in hot water. hot water.

    40. like water, lavishly; abundantly; freely: The champagne flowed like water.

    41. make one's mouth water, to excite a desire or appetite for something: The roasting turkey made our mouths water.

    42. make water, a. (of a boat) to allow water to enter; leak.

    b. to urinate.

    43. tread water. tread (def. 23).


    [Origin: bef. 900; (n.) ME; OE wæter; c. D water, G Wasser; akin to ON vain, Goth wato, Hittite watar, Gk hýdōr; (v.) ME wateren, OE wæterian, deriv. of the n.]

    —Related forms

    wa·ter·er, noun

    wa·ter·less, adjective

    wa·ter·less·ly, adverb

    wa·ter·less·ness, noun

    wa·ter·like, adjective

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    WE drink water.

    The ocean is has water galore.

    Why do I have to give sentences with WATER.

    Would you like some water?

    I'm thirsty perhaps I'll drink some WATER.

    Dont drink soda, instead srink water.

    Water is also known as H2O.

    Water is a liquid.

    Water is wet.

    We wash our clothes with water and detergent.

    Dont you just love the sentences I made with the word Water.

    wow this was a waste of time.


    Source(s): my watery brain.....lmao
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    Water refers to the liquid and fluid H2O or another liquid.

    Go water the plants.

    Go water on that bush over there.

  • Anonymous
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    drops fall

    in the sweet sweeping rush

    of the rain

    into the sea

    in to

    the cup of its shining waters.



    to a tranquil,

    brown-eyed little river

    or the brook

    that plunged

    over the edge of the cliff

    and froze to a stalactite of crystal



    my waterfall.

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    When water freezes, it forms ice crystal, resulting in ice. Ice floats, because water expands when it freezes. Water freezes at 0 degrees celcius. I like to shower in hot water, but I enjo dumping cold water on my neighbor's cat.

  • 5 years ago

    well, breaking up a word into parts isnt always the best way to understand it's roots. try this: The word "politics" comes from the Greek word "Πολιτικά" (politika), modeled on Aristotle's "affairs of state", the name of his book on governing and governments, which was rendered in English mid-15 century as Latinized "Polettiques".[4] Thus it became "politics" in Middle English c. 1520s (see the Concise Oxford Dictionary). The singular "politic" first coined in English 1430 and comes from Middle French "politique", in turn from Latin "politicus",[5] which is the romanization of the Greek "πολιτικός" (politikos), meaning amongst others "of, for, or relating to citizens", "civil", "civic", "belonging to the state", [6] in turn from "πολίτης" (polites), "citizen"[7] and that from "πόλις" (polis), "city".[8] it's like saying the bible is actually referring to 2 balls.. >_> but yeah i get what you're saying haha. politics is messy and full of deception.

  • Manz
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    My mouth began to water.

    The gardener watered the plants.

    Still waters run deep.

    I just make water.

    Water oozed from his eyes.

    Water melons are very sweet.

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    Yes, its a beverage!

    Do you want some water?

    Go water the plants!

    Lakes are full of water!

    I like to swim in water!\\\


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    wa·ter /ˈwɔtər, ˈwɒtər/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[waw-ter, wot-er] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation definition:

    lets see...uhm

    H2O,pee,mississippi river, niagara falls, ocean, drinks, shower ,water and yum? o.O

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    I like to drink water.

    The sea contains water.

    Would you like a glass of water?

  • Anonymous
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    The water in Majorca don't taste like what it oughta.

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