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If I get my bachelors in Elementary Education in Hawaii, can I move to Pennsylvania and get my lisence?

Right now I live in Pennsylvania. I'm thinking about going to the University of Hawaii to get my bachelors in Elementary Education. When I'm done school I'm going to move back to Pennsylvania. Will I be able to use my bachelors here in Pennsylvania and get my lisence? Will it transfer over? Or will I have to take classes over again?

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    Each state has its own certification requirements. It would be wise to check those of Pennsylvania while you're still there and find out for sure whether an elementary education certificate from Hawaii will enable you to get a job in Pennsylvania. I suspect that the worst-case scenario is that Pennsylvania might give you a provisional certificate and require you to take a few more courses in the summer. Incidentally, many if not all states now require every teacher to earn a master's degree or the equivalent in credits within a certain number of years, so any course you might have to take to transfer your certificate might also count toward that requirement. But you can probably find out all this for sure before you start college.

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    you will most likely not have to take classes.. becuase you already have your degree... i think ur best bet would to get licensed with hawaii and then once in pa. find out what u have to do to become licensed with them.. you might just have to take the praxis for the state of Pa.'s requirements...

    you can findsome information on...

    click on praxis and from there youcan find out your states requirements. you can match hawaii to pa....'

    hope this helps

    = )

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