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where isv the start of the black race?

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    On a planet associated with the constellation Lyra. That's where most of us began a long long time ago :))

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    There is no single "black" race. There are dark-skinned ethnic populations. Our earliest African ancestors probably had dark skin, so a more intelligent question might be "where is the start of the white race" tho' that's also problematical.

    "Race" implies some genetic difference between populations. Geneticists now know that there is more variation within the white, black, Asian, and native American populations than there is between them. "Race" is a valid notion only in medical science, but even then it has more to do with the isolation of populations than with some inherent genetic difference.

    Dark skin is nothing more than an adaptation to the environment. Put a Swedish family in Africa and they'll all develop darker skin in weeks (due to tanning), and subsequent generations of that family will get darker and darker skin as adaptation occurs (not even counting interbreeding with the natives). Put an African family in Norway, and their complexions will lighten over time.

    Mathematically, if we go back 1000 years, we must be descended from almost everyone on earth at that time--our number of ancestors, multiplied out that far, exceeds the population of the world at that time. So you and I have ancestors who were white, black, Asian, and perhaps Native American (that's the one population that was isolated, tho' not perfectly). It happens quickly: Ben Franklin's son was an ambassador to Japan, and he settled down there and married a Japanese woman. Today, there are thousands of Japanese descendants of Ben Franklin.

    We need to quit thinking of race as anything more than the invention of white Europeans who wanted a theory to support their ethnocentrism and self-appointed superiority.

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