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Whats different from billing address and shipping address? SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!?

i want to buy shoes on line and can be deliver it home... but i'm confused about the instructions...... it say that you can pay both on your shipping adress and billing adress.. that got me all confused?? i mean i thought i was gonna pay through credit card.... or do i both get my shoes on the person who delivers it or.. i get my soes on the bank?!?!?! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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    The billing address is the address your bill will be sent to(meaning someone could be buying the item for you, thats why they ask) and the shipping is where u want your product to be shipped to, where you will recieve the product.

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    Billing address is usually where the owner of the credit card / debit card is registered. The shipping address is an address that you can have the product shipped to. In most home situations the billing and shipping address are the same. As a very basic example; This can be useful in the commercial industry because your accounts office may not be near your warehouse.

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    The billing address is where the bill will be sent. Usually, it is the address on the credit card, your home address. The shipping address is where the product will be sent. It does not have to be sent to your home address. You could have the product sent anywhere.

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    Use your billing address, the one that the bill comes to.

    Many companies will only ship to the billing address due to alot of fraud that is going on.

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