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Whats different from billing address and shipping address? SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!?

i want to buy shoes on line and can be deliver it home... but i'm confused about the instructions...... it say that you can pay both on your shipping adress and billing adress.. that got me all confused?? i mean i thought i was gonna pay through credit card.... or do i both get my shoes on the person who delivers it or.. i get my soes on the bank?!?!?! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Some people have different billing address than their shipping address.

    For example: My billing address for my credit card is my home address yet the item I'm purchasing might I want it to ship to my work address. For that order my work address would be the shipping address and my home address would be the billing address.

    If your billing and the shipping addresses are the same then they should be identical.

    For using a credit card or debit card the billing address is important because the credit card company will gather the billing address from the seller (that you have given them) and if it doesn't match the card holders billing address the credit card is would decline. When it declines your shoes won't be shipped to you until the information is corrected.

    If you ar using a debit card the buyer should put in the billing address where the bank send the statements to the cardholder.

    BTW: If your card declines, some sellers may just cancel the order and maybe send a letter stating your card had declined. Others may call to try to get the issue resolved. Either way your order gets delayed.

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    Some people make a purchase and want it sent to someone else. That would be the shipping address. If you live at the address where you credit card is billed that is your billing address. If you want your purchase sent to you your shipping and billing address are the same.

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    You need to put down as billing address, the address that is know to your credit card.

    Usually this is your home address. Now if you want your shoes delivered to your home you state this address again under shipping address. If you want them delivered, lets say to your place of work, than you put your work address under shipping.

    Billing address: The address of the person who pays for it

    Shipping address: Where you want to receive your order.

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    Your billing address is the address on file with your credit card you are using. Your shipping address is where you want the shoes shipped. Most times they are the same when you are ordering something for yourself.

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    For an individual, a billing and shipping address should be the same.

    Just put your home address in both places (it should be the same as the address that the credit card bill is sent to for you to get it)

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    Because you could have a PO box insted of getting mail at home (that would be your billing address - wherever your bills for the credit card you wil be using is the billing address) - and where you want your item shipped is your shipping address.

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    The cost of shipping can be different depending where you are having it shipped, some have seperate shipping and billing addresses, etc. that is why they are asking. Most individuals have the same shipping/billing address but some don't.

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    Billing Address is where whoever is selling you merchandise send you your bill. Shipping address is where the merchandise go. So if your buying someone something that live in kansas and you live in Georgia, the merchandise will go to that person and the bill go to you, or whoever is paying for it that.

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