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How do I become skinny like this?

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    Like she says, it's not easy and it takes time--by the way, she looks healthy rather than skinny.

    It, most importantly, means a permanent change in eating and exercise habits.

    Start switching over to a low glycemic index way of eating or basically the way I eat--aim for a good 7 cups of veggies per day(make them leafy veggies like spinach, kale, baby greens, broccoli) I have a small amount of protein with it--maybe 2-3 oz of salmon, sardines, chicken, egg, yogurt, walnuts, almonds

    Low Glycemic Index Food Pyramid(Foods to limit are on top working your way down to foods that are almost unlimited)

    Refined Grains, Potatoes, Sweets, Candy

    Unrefined Grains and Pasta

    Low Fat Dairy

    Lean Protein

    Nuts, Legumes


    Vegetables (Cooked or w/Healthy Oil Dressing or plain)

    So maybe


    2 cups of sauteed spinach (saute in small amount of coconut oil or olive oil), add another cup of cut up broccoli and green onion or mushrooms

    Add in 1 or 2 whole(organic uncaged is best) eggs

    Have with a piece of fruit or a cup of frozen blueberries

    or have plain nonfat yogurt with a tbl of walnuts and raspberries with a piece of whole grain bread.


    apple and a spoonful of a nut butter or a tbl of nuts


    large(3 cups of leafy veggies raw with a light balsamic or lemon dressing) with a 2-3 oz piece of grilled chicken or comparable protein.


    pear and a small amount of a lean protein source


    large bowl of homemade lentil soup

    more veggies &/or a small piece of wholegrain bread or a half baked potato with salsa


    2 cups of steamed broccoli with lemon juice

    3 oz of chicken, fish, turkey

    1/2 cup of brown rice or barley

    Need more guidance, contact me and I'll try to help.

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    The basics: there's no way to permanently lose weight except by eating less, and exercising more. What you eat matters a lot too. There's a huge diet industry making a big buck on people's insecurities, but "diet" foods are heavily processed and are not good for you.

    I read a great article a while ago at ( that described the simple rules for eating right. The rules are:

    1- Eat food (don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food)

    2- Pay more, eat less (buy fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods)

    3- Eat mostly plants, especially leaves

    4- Enjoy eating, but don't go for seconds or snacking

    5- Cook

    6- Eat like an omnivore

    The article is really good, and really well written. It's long, and has a really good and realistic portrayal of how to eat in a healthy way written by someone who isn't trying to get you to waste money on the newest "health foods". As for exercise, start with regular walking and free weights (you can even use household objects to start with weight training, and find instructions at Remember to stretch, drink water, and enjoy the process of letting your body move as it was designed to do. Check out classes in your area, or try to join a sport as you're getting into better shape. Find exercises you enjoy, and stick to them even when you don't feel like exercising. Remember, it all comes down to burning more calories, and eating fewer calories.

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    well, there's no easy way. It says she did it by exercising and eating a low calorie diet. That's how EVERYONE does it, there's no miracle plan. Just cut back to about 1800 calories and exercise for 30 minutes every other day. that is probably the easiest way.

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    ummmm that would take a LONG time lol! you probably need 2 get a personal trainer and stuff if your overweight to that extreme. if your not that big, then just diet and excercise, like jog EVERYDAY , outside or tredmill, and liftweights, and do situps, pushups, jumprope, ect.

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    eat helathy and higher a trainer like her!

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