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What is the metabolic link between diabetes mellitus and arteriosclerosis?

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    Poor diet.

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    being a diabetic you have to watch your sugar intake and lose

    weight and excercise ask your docter if your high clolestrol is

    high and if so take recommened pills for it Lipitor/advicor/zocor/vytorin is good and push yourself away from the table you are what you eat and too much fatty fooods

    will clog up your ateries and cause plague build up and less blood get to the veins leading to the heart and the heart turns a purperish color which not at all healty yellowish plague

    build when it is too much you will get arteriosclerosis and it make your heart stop.You might need to start taking plavix or

    80mg.of bayer asprin until you see your doctor.

    Source(s): someone close to me whom i love it was written on line 2on his death certificate/also had a case of severe hepatic(got to do with food)also had fatty liver
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    High blood glucose from diabetes is destructive to smaller blood vessels. Cellular erosion of the tunica interna of the coronary arteries leads to plaque formation as arteriosclerosis.

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