what are Significant Figures?

what are significant figures ??? please be quick

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    What is a "significant figure"?

    The number of significant figures in a result is simply the number of figures that are known with some degree of reliability. The number 13.2 is said to have 3 significant figures. The number 13.20 is said to have 4 significant figures.

    Round 45.76 to 2 significant figures.

    You want 2 significant figures so you want 2 number.

    Rounding to 2 significant figures, look at the 3rd number. Rounding to 3 significant figures, look at the 4th number. rounding to 4 significant figures, look at the 5th number and so forth.

    So to round 45.76 to 2 significant figures, look at the 3rd number. Which is 7. If the number is 5 or more its rounds up. if it is less than 5, it rounds down. 7 is more than 5 so it rounds up.45.7 rounds upo to 46.0.

    So 45.76 rounded to 2 significant figures is 46.0

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    figures that add quantity to the value

    0003.4 has 2 s.f becasue the first lot of 0's dont mean anything

    but 0030.4 has 3 s.f becasue the 0 between the 3 and 4 changes the value

    hope this helps

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    sig figs which are evil help account for the fact that no measuring device is perfect and thus you cannot calculate past a certain decimal because the measurement is actually a rounded number.

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