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Hi. I am a travel agent. Can someone help me in creating a access database for my travel agency.

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    1 decade ago
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    I would try using the Access wizards first to see if they give you anything that will be suitable. If you are trying to create your own database you need to be aware that Access is a relational database and as such a degree of system analysis knowledge is required to ensure the relationships are appropriate and conform to 3NF (Third Normal Form). If you are usnure of how to go about this, I would check out the wizards first, then have a glance at the MS Templates:

    Hope this helps.

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    Option1: You can create a Virtual Private Network for your company. It will enable people to access database content using a compatible software on the server computer. Ofcourse you need to also build the software you will use to access the database. But you can use Microsoft Access if you cannot deliver such software.

    Option2: Establish or upgrade a website for the agency. You can use server scripting(I use PHP) in order to make a dynamic site in which you can share data to all who have user accounts in the company. You can host the site in a server computer of your own or you could use webhosting services on the internet.

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