baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda (alkali) and vinegar (acid) why mixed together

will produce CO2,

isn't neutralization will produce H2O and NaCl ?

I mean this:

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    i think you have got a wrong concept.

    neutralization products are not only H2O ang NaCl.

    hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide react together to form H2O and

    NaCl. nitric acid and sodium hydroxide react to form NaNO3 and H2O.

    sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide react to form Na2SO4 and H2O.

    baking soda contains carbonate ions . carbonate ions react with

    acetic acid(vinegar) to form CO2 and H2O.


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    好明顯001 d defination 讀得唔好

    2008-03-12 19:15:28 補充:

    neutralization 既PRODUCT係 salt and water ONLY!!

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    1. Baking soda is metal carbonate, not alkali

    Definition of alkali = base that is soluble in water

    Definition of base = react with acid to form salt and water as the ONLY products.

    Neutralization = acid + base

    Baking soda + vinegar is not a neutralization process

    Reason for producing CO2 for the reaction:

    2H+ + CO3 2- --> H2O + CO2

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