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BIO問題~緊急~~~!!!! 好心人救救我(15分)

1.Why can the accmulation of fluid in the lungs be fatal?

2.Why is dehydration(脫水) more common at high altitudes?

3.Why do people with sleep apnea(睡眠窒息症)usually have heavy snoring during sleep?

4.Explain why hypertension(高血壓)may be resulted from sleep apnea.

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    1. Fluid accumlated in the lungs affects the air exchange in alveoli since it increases the distance between air and capillaries in alveoli. Therefore, haemoglobin cannot obtain oxygen from air and release carbon dioxide effectively. As a result, there will be insufficient oxygen supply to the body which can be fatal.

    2. It because the relative humidity is low in high altitudes and the breathing rate will increases in order to obtain more oxygen, water will be lost during breathing, if people do not drink more water to replace the water lost, dehydration wil be resulted.

    3. Sleep apnea is caused by airway obstruction. When people is sleeping, muscle will be relaxed and the soft tissues will fall down to the pharynx which partially obstruct the airway. When air passing through the narrowed part of airway, a snoring sound will be produced.

    4. Because sleep apnea will cause hypoxia in brain which would stimulate the sympathetic nervous system which leading the increase in blood pressure.

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