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chocolate covered strawberries with swirls?

I'm going to be dipping chocolate in strawberries tomorrow, though my mom bought HUGE strawberries so i'm unsure how that'll work well lol.

Few questions...

How do i get swirls on them that I see on other websites?

They are covered in brown chocolate with coloured chocolate swirls.

Do you do both one after the other? or do u harden the first then the second layer?

Is the fridge cold enough to harden the chocolate or must I use a freezer? It is very small in there.

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    First dip your strawberries in the brown chocolate, set on saran wrap, and let harden. Then melt some white chocolate and add a few drops of the food coloring of your choice. I don't know about swirls. But if you put some of the colored chocolate on a spoon, you can let it drizzle over the already covered strawberries to make a sort of soft zig zag shape. And the fridge is plenty cool enough.

    Good luck.

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