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If Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria were to fight Israel, who would win?

only conventional. israel can't use nukes, syria and iran can't use chemicals.

lets say iran transports troops to the syrian front and lends some air support.

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    Israel proved it could win against much tougher odds on more than 1 occasion in the past.

    Even so, Iran is not capable of attacking Israel directly with it's army- strictly du to geographical restrictions.

    Iraq next to it- will not allow Iran's army to march though it's land, Turkey will not allow it- because its trying to get into the EU, and they want to look good.

    If Egypt is not involved- they won't let the Iranian fleet to use the Suez canal, so the only other option would be to go all the way around Africa, and enter by Gulbriter.

    They will be under constant bombing by the Israeli air force, and most likely, the Israelis will have the straits blocked with its own fleet.

    Syria is still whaling from the whopping Israel gave them- and still hasn't fully recovered, as well as Israel controls the Gillion heights- something the Syrians will need to overcome if they want to get into Israel- something not possible to begin with.

    Even if all else fails- even if they smash Israels armies and enter Israel, Israel would just threaten to nuke them, and then do so when they ignore the warning.

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    Likely Israel. Logistically, Iran would have serious problems getting across Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan to get to Iran. In 1973, Israel was invaded by Egypt, Syria, AND Jordan and not only was Israel able to defend themselves successfully, they actually fought back hard enough to push the invaders back into their own territory.

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    Using this hypothetical situation I would say Israel. They have the ability to acivate their reserves very quickly and would only have to defend a small amount of territory. Israel would use its larger and more advanced air force and special forces to attack and bomb key military targets, also if history is any indication, Israel would bomb the air forces of these countries before they could get in the fight. The wildcard would be how well Hezbollah is able to aattack Israeli targets, both civilian and miltary.

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    If the Muslim militants joined from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Turkey, Chechyna, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq then I would think Israel would lose unless they had US backing.

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    the IDF has superior weapons, intelligence, training, personnel management...besides their air cover and support is the best in the world, including the U.S. they are able to call up large number of reserves, their supply and logistics are superior, their general staff is excellent, and they have diplomatic and economic relationships with the resourceful nations of the world...Iran and Syria could never match Merkava tanks and Israeli aircraft, and their unmotivated conscript armies do not have the determination of the average IDF soldier...therefore the war would be over in 3 months with Israel victorious.

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    Who won the 1948 Arab-Israeli war? If Israel lost that war, they might not exist today. Israel has a very well disciplined military and they are very intelligent. Israel will prevail on any given day.

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    Israel will win. They can't afford to lose. Like when Iran air transports the troops, you don't think Israel will shoot them down?

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    a number of the tech being utilized by making use of Hesbollah is Iranian. maximum relies or more advantageous Soviet?Russian equipment. for the period of the chilly conflict the Soveits spent a shed load of money sponsering Syria Egypt and after the reveloution Iran. the worry in lebanon is basicly the Iranains attempting to wipe the Jews and their anglo saxons friends of the face of the earth by making use of proxy.

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    Was Iran involved the last few times they did it (1948, 1967, 1973)? Or was it just everyone but them?

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    Israel would probably loose, simply due to sheer numbers. Of course, Israel does have nukes, and has America backing it. So in reality, that'd never happen.

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