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Who should the Lakers target in the off season?

This sounds premature considering the Lakers are still one of the top seeds, but I don't think they will come out of the West, due to their lack of physicality. I'd love to see LA pursue a more reliable back up to Andrew Bynum than Chris Mihm, as well as a "low post grinder" who can bang bodies and bother the Duncans, Stoudamires of the Western Conference.

If I could play GM, I'd explore trades for two of the following players:

Indiana's Jeff Foster

Washington's Etan Thomas

Seattle's Chris Wilcox

With Kobe, Gasol, and the bench mob, there's ample scoring; therefore the only free agents I'd be interested in are 2nd tier, mid-level exemption types. Who knows who those are yet. Your thoughts...

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    Mike J is an idiot. They already have a point guard in Jordan Farmar. What I think is they should spend their mid level on a player who specialize in post defense and crashes the board. Etan Thomas is one of those player, Craig Smith, Theo Ratliff might be sign for the veteran min, Kenny Thomas, or uses their second round pick for a defensive specialist in the post. Lets face it, the lakers have no trouble scoring, but when their best defensive post player went down (Bynum) teams are starting to drive in more because their is no shot blocker down under. Can't wait till Bynum comes back, shut down defense in the post, and a monster in the psot offensively also.

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    When a team becomes as cohesive and complete as the Lakers currently are, the thing you don't want to do is mess with the chemistry.

    The Lakers are already one of the best (and some might argue they are the best) teams in the NBA. They are on pace to win 60 games, even though they really haven't completely gelled.

    And this is all with Andrew Bynum, Trevor Ariza and Chris Mihm sitting on the bench.

    When these three guys get back, and are completely healthy, the Lakers will clearly have the #1 team in the NBA.

    We are only beginning to see what Andrew Bynum is capable of doing. In two or three years, he'll be an absolute monster.

    I believe a further improved Ronny Turiaf can give the Lakers all the muscle they need.

    People seem obsessed with the idea of making trades and acquistions. We get Gasol and, two weeks later, it's who else can we trade for.

    The bottom line is this: the Lakers are the most complete, and deepest team in the NBA. They don't need to trade for anyone.

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    Odom is a great player, but they need to trade him and develop their bench and get some sharp shooters. TO replace Odom i would go for the disgruntled Ron Artest. Great defender, great scorer, great fit for LA. He is calm now, and wont act out against Phil Jackson.

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    I think their starting lineup is fine, but they can get rid of Valde, and try to get a ball-stoper or a pace changer, or just a PG, like Blake.

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