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IF i want to get a nice toned chest and strong?

should i do 100 pf every kind of push ups like--- with strict form



-wide arm push ups

-explosive push ups

-isometric push ups

-standers push ups

-knuckle push ups

-explosive staggered push ups

-elevated push ups (feet down on floor)

-elevated push ups (feet off the floor)

whats else should i do i can only bench about 100 i wanna get to 200 by september at least i am 14 turning 15 soon

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Theres no way you'll get that massive broad chest look with only push-ups... at least it'll take way too long. Try incline,decline and flat bench press... also try dumbbell flys to workout the inner chest also. With all these, you'll start seeing a difference in no time. I went from benching about 100-205 in 6 months. gl dude i started same age as you about im 15 now gl pce:P

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You've got the toned part going on damn speaking of STRENGTH, you gotta do you incline (upper chest), flat (general chest), and decline (lower chest), bench presses. Since you're 14, I wouldn't suggest doing too much weight, as it might stunt your growth, just 14 reps of the hardest weight you can. By doing 14 reps it's more of an endurance exercise than a strength building, thus won't hurt your growth. Slowly increase your weights for now...unless you want to be short and stocky

    (just an addition to your push-ups, try clapping push-ups, but instead of clapping in front of you, clap behind your back ;) , just make sure you do it on a soft surface so you don't hurt yourself the first time you try, lol)

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