How can I find out how much money Florida Power and Light contributed to Miami-Dade County Democratic Party?

FPL (Florida Power and Light Company ) is trying to renew its contract with our municipality 2 years early. We just won a long battle with them to keep their 80 foot transmission lines and substations out of out tiny community (Biscayne Park).

One of our Commissioners who is in favor of signing the franchise agreement with FPL 2 years early and in a big rush, happens to be the executive Director of the Democratic party in Miami Dade County. He advocated signing the contract two years early, which has put us all in shock, because we collected almost 99% signatures just 18 months ago to keep FPL trasnmission poles and substations out of our community, and this Commissioner is turning on the residents that elected him and voting to renew a very inequitable franchise contract with FPL.

We were wondering if FPL (a monopoly in Florida) paid large contributions to the Democratic party and in what amount that made him suddenly a fan of FPL.

Are there any ethics violations here?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Check your state's Secretary of State, Ethics Commission (if applicable), and elections board (if applicable) websites. They might have a database that allows you to search for campaign contributions, both by recipient and by donor.

    You also check for donations to specific people in office. That might be a better search than for their party.

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