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MSCONFIG? startup?

if i disable all the startup programz but like myspaceIM.will it do anything to my computer?

oh and how i do it? it sayz

1 tap


and another is

start up

what are they and how i get my computer boot up faster

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    msconfig is a place where one can change the behaviour of how the computer will startup, use and control the computer but it includes only the essential items, Many items, especially those non-essential ones which often 'clog' up the computer starting and stopping sequences, may not appear in msconfig.

    Services page shows the various services, such help and support, servers etc that computer will run when the computer starts up. Start up page shows the various programs that the computer will run at startup.

    msconfig is the place where one can troubleshoot the behaviour of computer during startups. One can disable the program in startup, general, system ini pages one by one to check the startup behaviour.

    If one has tried and failed to solve the startup and shutdown problem using msconfig, this may be because

    some programs or drivers, not registered in msconfig, are being run in the background and the computer is waiting for them to be shuted down or started up. This can be troublesome to troubleshoot unless one can identify which are the programs/drivers.

    Microsoft has a little program called BootVis that may solve some usual problem in startup and shutdown but it is not an All in one solution. You can try

    If you can remember when you last have this startup or shutdown problem, try system restore to an earlier date. You may lose the use of some application software though.

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    Just disable the programs that you know, just to be safe. It will boot up fast enough


    install Revo uninstaller and goto Tools->Autorun Manager

    and work from there.

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