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Business studies Vs marketing Management?

looking for a little advice here if anyones taken either of these courses (or similar) at uni...

i'd originally chosen to do marketing management, however after hearing the talks by the university on the subject i begun thinking that it wasn't me for and that it might be too focused in on marketing (although it was called marketing management, there were no managment sudies).

So i've changed it over to business studies, which is more general at first and then allows you to focus in on set subjects, such as marketing - which is what i plan to do.

Was i right in making this decision? i felt that i needed a broader base...

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    I have found some great resources in the marketing arena.

    Some of this information you may find very useful in your search

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  • 4 years ago

    Start up items is pretty much dependent on the type of business. A farriering business would need rasps and hoof nippers and a truck to get to clients and things like that, while a horse boarding business would need stalls and safely fenced fields and feed bins and hay and stuff like that. So what kind of equine business are you planning for?

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