Why is Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world?.?


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    Correct. With Saddam Hussein now executed, Iraq is no longer a threat. However, it is the responsibility of the United States to ensure that the country does not become overrun by terrorists during this critical time... Regardless of whether one agrees with the war or not. The Iraqis are depending on us to follow through.

    Pakistan is dangerous right now because they have nukes. Unfortunately, those nukes are on the verge of slipping into the wrong hands. Under Musharraf, Pakistan's nukes were safe for the most part. If the country slips under Islamic rule, we will have a disaster on our hands.

    Islamic rule is barbaric rule.

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    Ever since Taliban was toppled in Afghanistan, Pakistan has been the place where Taliban and muslim fanatics went hiding. Pakistan together with Afghanistan have long be known to be the most prolific places in churning Islamic fanatics and also terrorist. The rough terrain in the northern part of the country is a good place to carry out these fanaticsm activities because it is very difficult for the authorities to regulate them and even to locate them. Today, the presence of the UN army in Afghanistan have forced those fanatics to go hiding in Pakistan.

    Besides this, Pakistan herself is facing internal conflict among and the country is in a very unstable shape. Due to this there is little doubt that Pakistan is probably the most dangerous country in the world at the moment

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    They are in the middle of the internal war now. Hope the upcoming elections can done something for them. They need a good leader to bring Pakistan back on track.

    I dont really agree Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world... It's just quoted based on the latest political happening there. There are more worst place in this world.....

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    1 decade ago

    musharuff gave support to the talibans &alquida .if the nukes fall into such terror outfits , then u can expect danger. blame is on bush &mush

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    That is where Barakobama Bin Laden lives.

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