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why do rabbits eat there poop?

i have a 1 year old rabbit and it keeps eating its poop. Can you tell me if this is normal or does it have an eating disorder

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    All rabbits do it. if the do not eat them they will become very's not actual poop, it's cecalsRabbits have a large cecum, which is a blind pouch located at the junction of the small intestine and the large intestine, where the digestible portions of the intestinal contents enter and are broken down by bacteria. Some nutrients are absorbed through the wall of the cecum, but most nutrients are locked up in the bacteria. The rabbit then produces bacteria-rich droppings called ecotropes, which are softer, stickier, greener and have a stronger odor than the regular waste droppings. These cecotropes are eaten directly from the anus as soon as they are produced. The cecotropes are then passed through the digestive tract of the rabbit and nutrients such as vitamins,amino acids and fatty acids are released from the bacteria and absorbed into the rabbit's body. In this way, rabbits are very efficient at producing their own vitamin, protein and fat supply from food that for some animals, such as ourselves, would be totally useless. This is why Rabbit manure is the only manure you can use direct form the animal without composting it first, and it wont hurt your plants by burning them with too much nitrogen.

    Dear cranky Lady:

    I was a breeder of meat rabbits for over 10 years and had more than 200 rabbits in my barn at any given time.... it's not actual POOP.. it is held in a different area of the rectum.

    Did you know that chickens lay the egg from the same hole that they poop from,called the "vent" ... duz that make eggs poop also?

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    What Does A Rabbit Eat

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    Keep it away from the rabbit poop. Dogs will eat rabbit poop, cat poop - it's like a treat to them.

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    hi, first of all, you must have had the bad luck to have the worst bunch of answers ever written to a question! Second of all, you are very observant: usually people do not witness this...they eat them right away, it just looks as if they are grooming. If they do not eat them, they will die, period.

    They have a special digestive system, they are not eating poop, they are eating "caecotrophs" also called "cecals" (rhymes with "decals") and it is completely necessary for their survival. Rabbits are meant to eat a high fiber, low nutrition diet of hays and grasses, to compensate for this, they have special chamber off the gut, called a "cecum"...inside this chamber is a horde of busy bacteria, which breaks down food into usable nutrients.The bacteria does the same thing for rabbits that our digestive juices do for us. In order to keep this system alive and working, the bacteria are secreted at times in protected clusters, and are reingested to start fermenting over again. Someone that did not know differently, would think that they are eating poop.

    If you are seeing these clusters laying about the bedding, the diet is too rich, and you need to read up about the proper way to feed a rabbit.

    Your rabbit is completely normal, and possibly is either being disturbed when this cycle is taking place, or is getting too many rich foods, or is too fat to turn around and get the cecals from the source. Make sure you do not clean up all, as bunny needs this to survive.

    I hope you will study some of the following articles (no need to sign in or anything, just click and start learning) :

    As your rabbits only hope to have a healthy life, you need to learn all you can about the care and feeding. I hope this helps you.

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  • Actually rabbits "poop" 2 different types of poop. They do this on perpose and 1 is dry that they usually eat this one and the other is a softer one that do not eat that one...they do this because their bodies cannot process all of their food at once and it is sort of like "saving it for later". The dry ones "dont go through the same process" as the others. It is perfectly normal for them to do it, so dont worry about it at all.

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    Rabbits only eat their night stools. These stools look something like a bunch of very small grapes. The most reasonable explanation for this behavior is that the rabbits get vitamin E from the stool.

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    rabbit produce to kinds of poop fecal ,and cecotropes.the cecotropes are created in a part of the digestive track call the cecum ,and it is loaded with nutrients that the rabbit needs

  • well there's this kind of poop called cecals that rabbits poo out and haf to eat. If they don't, that means theres something wrong w/ them. Maybe ur rabbit didnt eat some of the cecals b4, but then healed and started to eat all of the old ones and new ones too.. idk. i dont think that ur rabbit has a problem.


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    They eat certain ones ("Night feces") to obtain certain nutrients which were missed/couldn't be digested the first time around. I think it would be bad if a rabbit /didn't/ do this...

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    Recycled nutrients. More than just rabbits do this.

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