Zion National Park?

I am visiting Zion Park. Can anyone tell me where to stay? Thanks, Patti

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    When visiting Zion National Park I stay in Springdale located just outside the south entrance station. Browse through this web page for suitable accommodations - http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g61001-Springdal... You should also check this web site for in-park lodging - http://www.zionlodge.com/.

    I've stayed both inside and outside of the park on previous visits. It's nice to be in the park although the visitor center is easier to get to from Springdale. Based on my experiences I recommend staying outside. Being in Springdale gives you access to the restaurants and shops located in this quaint little town. Staying inside the park gives you no choice at all. All meals will be at the lodge restaurant or snack bar and all shopping will be at the lodge gift shop. To get to Springdale you'll have to take the shuttle bus to the visitor center and walk to town from there or drive out and look for parking in town.

    Private vehicles are banned from the park during the summer months unless you have a reservation at the lodge. Even if you do you'll have to park your car there and use the park shuttle system. I've stayed at the Quality Inn at Zion Park in the past and found it to be acceptable. It's clean, quite and comfortable plus they serve a free continental breakfast. What I liked most about the Quality Inn at Zion Park is that I could leave my car parked there, walk about a quarter mile to the Zion visitor center and board the shuttle bus there. Very convenient.

    I hope you find what you're looking for. Have fun!

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    Damn, we really sucked up to Israel with this one.

    Search zion on wikipedia.

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