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should military service be mandatory for everyone upon completion of high school?

i think so. 4 yrs then you can move on.


i served 4 yrs after high school, all of them in and out of iraq, and i still managed to get my 4 yr degree, now im a productive member of society. and seeing the garbage that colleges are turning out nowadays, military service is a good idea. kids have no discipline these days.

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    ABSOLUTELY NOT! Not only is the volunteer military working, but mandatory service would also create a military which is sub par because many would not want to be there and would make bad soldiers.

    EDIT: I agree that military service is a good thing. I served 4 years, including Iraq - 1. I, however, would not have wanted to serve next to people who were forced to serve. They would not be the committed soldiers I served with. They would be even worse than those few who signed up strictly for the GI Bill, then cried that they actually had to serve in combat.

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    Well if every citizen had to serve 4 years after high school in the military.

    We would have a 20 million strong military.

    There are 2 million 18 yr old males, 2 million 18 yr old females.

    2 million each for 19, 20 and 21 yr olds also, male and female.

    Thats 16 million first termers.

    Add in all the nco's you would need, to train them and lead them,

    And your gonna need about 4 million more career service members.

    So exactly where would the money to fund that military come from ?

    The Defense budget is already 500 billion with just 1.5 million service members.

    It makes sense in one way, help alot of people growup.

    But economicly, it doesn't make much sense.

    Not unless we do what countries like Greece do, and have a two tier pay scale, where the first termers are just paid enough to buy personal hygine products and thier families have to support thier sons and daughters while they are serving, so they have any spending money at all.

    IE: make base pay for first termers around $100 a month.

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    If there was I'd move to Canada and renounce my US citizenship - oh yeah I'm planning to do that anyway!

    In any case, if America wants to tout itself as a land of freedom, liberty, and democracy, and actually have the integrity to mean it (which they don't right now) then there should NOT be mandatory military service.

    I mean look what happened during the Vietnam War, they had a draft, and conscientious objectors and others who didn't want to serve, had to escape to Canada.

    We are a country that is supposed to be about freedom, including the freedom to choose NOT to risk one's own life to serve in the military, especially for immoral and needless wars like the last few the US has been involved in (the Iraq War, Vietnam, etc.)

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    I would agree, but I think 2 years mandatory with 2 more optional with a years tuition bonus for each year served. If you are going to teach them to kill, then let's teach them an optional vocation as well. A $15,000.00 voucher for education for each year served would be a great investment in our country's future....edit ...some have raised a good point about choice, while I think service to our country should be a part of every citizens life experience, I can see where some would object to military service. One option could be a peace corp type of program, served in the states working on America's infrastructure, parks, ag inspectors or some similar service. The privileges of citizenship deserve a minimal contribution of service.

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    No. The beauty of the American military is that it is comprised of volunteers. We are a nation of Freedom and Liberty - to force adults into obligatory service is contrary to our founding. Besides, our nation does not need a draft at this point - if it did for our survival, then that's a different story.

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    i like the assumption yet 2 years is a splash steep. one twelve months may well be lots greater straightforward to swallow. After one twelve months you will possibly hit upon a thank you to re-enlish with incentives to inspire you. which contain college prep classes or some style of tech education. ( I did this jointly as interior the militia). Like some have stated the militia isn't for each man or woman yet how does one understand till you attempt it. Lot's of human beings are announcing that we've not got any further freedoms to guard. "Bull" all the freedoms we've have been fought for & lives have been donated to the grave many situations over. I volentered for the Marines magnificent from intense college & i think of it grow to be the in simple terms right decision I certainly have ever made. i grow to be a snot nosed brat when I went in & grow to be a very matured grownup male when I got here out. considering the reliable & the undesirable i might'nt commerce my experience interior the militia for something. It fairly made me a greater effective man or woman. there are particularly some human beings interior the worldwide that choose to get rid of us. as far as i'm in touch we could desire to do something we are able to to guard the fatherland. another united states interior the worldwide has a plan to guard their human beings WHY could desire to"NT WE? i like the : Suzie, I take offense which you stated "scum" on your answer. how are you able to assert this type of ingredient approximately your fellow individuals? additionally ginko there is often some style of removing technique in the type of ingredient. no person may well be compelled into something.....

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    No, one of the freedoms in this country is that you dont have to do that. It is also one of the reasons that many immigrants came to the United States.

    Edit: Are you in high school?

    Do you feel like instead of going to college and having a succesful job you have to risk your life for 4 years?

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    No. People who wouldn't want to be there(many) would only bring them down.

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    No. There are too many who wouldn't make it. And no one wants to babysit people who just don't want to be there. Sorry.

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    hmm certainly worked for Sweden

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