will Lowe's sell Craftsman tools?

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    The reason why Lowe’s does not carry the Craftsman brand is due to the fact of their return policy - returning a craftsman tool will be an experience you may never with to repeat.

    Sears is the only store that carries the full line of Craftsman tools and Kmart only carries a limited selection of Craftsman tools.

    Lowe's does carry Dahaner tools that are supposable the same a the Craftsman pro line.

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    The Craftsman 'hand' tools still appear to be pretty good, but you have to make sure you get the tool with the "Craftsman" name ON it, or it does NOT come with the lifetime warranty, and is probably just a cheap knock off. I've had wrenches bend in my hand, and cutters break at the jaw.... they were manufactured in china, and sold right alongside the 'Craftsman' tools --- Thank You Kmart! (for those not aware of it, Kmart went through bankruptcy, and immediately turned around and bout out Sears, several years ago, and since then, there has been a steady and consistent change in the quality of items sold thru Sears, as more and more products are imported from China). I've found that Kobalt tools (from Lowe's) are a great alternative to the Craftsman tools and they also carry the lifetime warranty. Vermont American is another manufacturer with a lifetime warranty on their products. Other than that - you're looking at buying your tools from a 'roving' dealer such as Snap-On, or Matco, where you're paying their commission on top of the price of the tool itself. By the way - Sears is making it harder to replace those items with a 'lifetime' warranty, and putting limitations in place...such as, you can only replace a hand tool ONCE if it breaks. I can remember when they honored the warranty on ALL their hand tools, whether it was a replacement for another at one time or not. Sears isn't my first choice anymore. Have Fun

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    I know this is an old question but there has been changes to these answers. Craftsman is now being sold at some Ace Hardware stores. Also, by the end of the year 2015, Craftsman will be appearing in Lowe's store in a limited capacity. Lowe's is trying to expand their lines to get more market share. They are adding Lenox to their HVAC install line, they are adding Sherwin Williams paint in 2015, as well as Craftsman as stated above. I prefer to go to Lowe's any day since they have been concentrating on customers more the last few years. Good luck getting any assistance at HD!!

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    Home Depot Craftsman Tools

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    will Lowe's sell Craftsman tools?

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    which begs the question, why would you want to buy Craftsman tools? They have been coasting on their reputation for 40 years (what Dad and Grandpa always bought because they were the best... truth is, it was about the only thing they could buy.)

    Most big boxes like HD and Lowe's have several lines of house brand tools, as do the network hardware stores. Same warranties, lower prices, better service. (And I thought I'd never say someone else has worse service than Home Depot, but there is Sears and KMart.)

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    No. Lowes is selling Kobalt tools as their answer to Craftsman tools. Craftsman is getting really bad about honoring their guarantee. I have had to get the manager a couple times when getting a tool replaced. They now hand you a kit to fix their ratchets instead of replacing it. They also tried to tell me they wouldn't replace a screwdriver sold in a set. Where I live (small town) the Sears is privately owned and you have to wait two weeks for them to send the tool in to get it replaced.

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    probably not, strictly a sears and kmart thing since owned by same company. craftsman was an exclusive sears tool then when the guy who bought kmart ended up buying sears they started selling them in kmart too but i don't think they plan to sell them anywhere else.

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    Nope they are only sold by Sears and Kmart. Sears owns them. Since Lowes is a competer they won't get to sell something Sears makes.

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    No. Only Sears and K-Mart handle the Craftsman line of tools.

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