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What does the song "Wonder" by Natalie Merchant mean?

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    Natalie Merchant's "Wonder" is often mistaken as a song about vanity or arrogance. In actuality, it is a song about a woman with a physical disability and a refreshing attitude: differences in her physical body are not handicaps or deformities, they are wonders, a term that implies magic, awe and beauty. The woman makes her way through life "gifted with love, with patience, and with faith."

    The song has become an anthem for many people with disabilities, but Merchant has insisted that, even though her inspiration for the song was a wonderful woman with a physical handicap, the song can be about anyone. For this reason, the video portrays women (of different ages, shapes and sizes) singing the lyrics.

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    Wonder Natalie Merchant

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    Natalie Merchant, the word means guess, do you like her as a songwriter?

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    The first moment I heard this song I knew it was about my little sister. When she was born she had many seizures but they stopped ... her future was unknown. She began again having them at 3 years old. She was flight lifted to a speciality hospital. She's 35 and has been threw so much. She has raised to amazing girls through all the obstacles. I sing this song to her all the time to remind her she's amazing.

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    The song was about twins, born to 19-year-old parents, who were told the girls would not live into their teens and should be institutionalised. The young parents took them home and cared for them night and day, and they finally died at the age of 26. Natalie was with them when they died and sang at their funeral. She also did a benefit concert for the scientific institution that was doing research on the girls disease

    Source(s): Natalie just did an interview on BBC Radio 4 (UK) and related the story
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    Natalie Merchant Wonder

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