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Who are the famous people from Venezuela?

singers are movie stars etc.

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    Victor Hugo salsa Salsa singer and song writer

    Los Amigos Invisibles group of funk music

    Caramelos de Cianuro Venezuelan rock band

    Adriana Fossa-Maldini model and wife of Paolo Maldini

    Maria Conchita Alonso, Cuban born Venezuelan citizen, actress

    Fernando Carrillo, actor

    Los Chamos teen music group, all members are Venezuelan

    Grecia Colmenares, Venezuelan born Argentinian citizen who is a widely famous actress in Argentina

    Mayré Martínez, Latin American Idol season 1 winner

    Rudy Cárdenas, American Idol (season 6) top 24 contestant

    Guillermo Dávila, actor and singer

    Oscar D'Leon, Salsa music singer

    Eva Ekvall-Johnson, Tv hostess

    Desorden Público referred to as the godfathers of Latin American SKA.

    Franco De Vita, singer and songwriter

    Lupita Ferrer, actress

    Viviana Gibelli, television host

    Miguel de León, actor

    Majandra Delfino Roswell

    Marieh Delfino

    Chiquinquirá Delgado, actress and fashion model

    Alicia Machado, former Miss Universe, actress

    Ricardo Montaner, Argentinian born Venezuela citizen, singer

    Lila Morillo, actress, former wife of Jose Luis Rodríguez

    Francys Sudnicka, model

    Carlos Olivier, actor.

    Cynthia Cristina Lander Zamora, TV hostess

    Alejandro Otero Larez, actor, model

    Benjamín Rausseo, a.k.a. Er Conde del Guácharo, television comedian

    Maricarmen Regueiro, actress

    José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma", singer, actor, entrepreneur

    Juan Carlos Salazar, singer, Cuatro (instrument), and guitar player

    Mariangel Ruiz, actress, model, former Miss Venezuela, hostees

    Luis José Santander, actor

    Camila Canabal Sapelli, TV hostess

    Daniel Sarcos, show host

    Marger Sealey, singer, contestant at Protagonistas De La Musica

    Sonya Smith, half American, half Venezuelan actress

    Coraima Torres, actress

    Uff!, teen music group, all members are Venezuelan.

    Orlando Urdaneta, actor

    Patricia Velásquez, actress and fashion model

    Eglantina Zingg, actress and fashion model

    Sabrina Salvador, TV Host

    Daniela Kosán Montcourt, model and television host

    Enrique Palacios, world-famous model

    Jean Paul Leroux, actor

    Vanessa Neumann Donnelly, well-known socialite/model

    Gabriela Spanic, actress

    Veronica Schneider actress and model

    Sandro Finoglio former Mr World 1998, model/actor

    Rita Verreos, former Miss Vargas (1988), model and contest on reality tv show Survivor: Cook Islands

    Veruska Ramirez model

    Aida Yespica model

    Mauricio Pita, Stage Actor and Singer

    Maria Margarita de Vargas y Santaella, Venezuelan heiress

    Christina Dieckmann, Actress/model

    Natalia Streignard, Actress

    Gaby Espino, Actress

    Catherine Fulop, Television host, model, actress

    Alexandra Braun Waldeck, model

    Juan A. Baptista, Actor

    Anabelle Blum, radio host

    Majandra Delfino, actress and singer

    Dominika van Santen, model

    Ilan Chester, singer

    Keidy Moreno, international model

    Oscar Yanes, journalist and writer

    Edgar Ramirez, National and international actor

    Renny Ottolina, Television host, producer and entertainer

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    Famous People From Venezuela

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    Hugo Chavez, United States most hated man He's the current President of Venezuela, some people think of him as a dictator other as a hero. Google him a lot of information will pop up

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Who are the famous people from Venezuela?

    singers are movie stars etc.

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