Wiccan and Pagan men......?

It was asked in another question (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjX_J... of where are the masculine men in Wicca? As I am one I think we should prove that we are masculine men, and what better way than use cheezy pickup lines. So Wiccan men, what is a cheezy pickup line you know and may have used in the past?

Blessed Be )O(


Personally, I have always liked the "Hey there Goddess, want to go back to my place and you can dance around my maypole?"

BB )O(

Update 2:

My mistake, I would love to hear from the Wiccan and Pagan women who have heard some cheezy pickup lines from us masculine wiccans.

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    I had one Pagan fellow use this one on me:

    "Are you a reincarnation of Artemis? If so then could I get you to talk to my snake for me? He seems to have a mind of his own tonight."

    I couldn't help but laugh.

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    I have nothing to prove to anyone regarding my masculinity. I also don't need to use any cheezy pickup lines. Never did. Nobody does in fact. Pick up lines, cheezy or not, only shows how desparate you might be for a good time. The approach that works best is to be straight forward and say exactly what you want. You might be suprised how many women will fall into your bed.

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    LOL - a couple of you need to lighten up and realize this question was meant to be fun - not to insist that you need to "prove your masculinity".

    Seriously, as a single Wiccan gal, I'm not likely to fall for a cheezy pick-up line - I'm looking for someone who shares similar spiritual views as mine and loves Nature as I do, someone with substance - so the cheezy Pagan pickup line, I might find humorous, but there would have to be more than that to really capture my attention.

    But I'd still be interested in seeing the creative Pagan pick-up lines you guys could come up with here! :)

  • Dee
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    Here's a little clue for you: If you have nothing intelligent or meaningful to say about masculinity, if you can only respond to any discussion of manhood with lame jokes that make fun of the male sex, then you are part of the problem.

    There was a time when manhood was a matter of a man's deepest pride -- and for real men it still is. But apparently many males bobbled passively along from boyhood to guyhood, and just stopped there -- without ever growing into true masculine strength and manhood. Then the man-hating radical feminists came along, and pushed this portrayal of men as dunces. And the "guyhood guys" -- having no manhood to defend anyway -- decided to just lay down and let the feminists steamroll right over them, thus participating in the "deconstruction" of masculinity.

    Do these guys really like to propagate stereotypical jokes about how dumb and shallow they are? Do they like to demonstrate for us how they do not have the first clue about how to be a real man -- a hero that women can respect and look up to? Apparently so. Whether it's from their own insecurity or whatever, any talk of masculine strength and true manhood makes them very nervous. Maybe they are so envious, so pitifully lacking in self-confidence, that they are bitter and hostile towards other males who have learned how to be real men. That might explain it.

    Whatever the reason, they end up perpetuating the stereotypes about guys being goofy, shallow, and contemptible boors. But not all men are satisfied to be the objects of women's contempt and ridicule. There are still some real men around: men who realize that there are more options open to males than settling somewhere on the line between wimp and jerk. These men opt to cultivate their own inner and outer strength, courage, integrity and warrior virtue. They are what we call HEROES. Neither nice passive wimps nor dumb thoughtless jerks come anywhere close to that. Neither wimps nor jerks are capable of expressing the strength, virtue, emotional depth and character that true manhood requires.

    Go ahead, and laugh at your own shortcomings, your pitiable weakness and shallowness. Women who know what real men are like will laugh too. But we're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you.

    Real men don't need "pickup lines." They radiate the powerful presence of their own masculine strength, self-confidence, heroism and integrity -- and women are irresistably drawn to that. Those are the men that we respect and admire, those are the men that make us swoon.



    Add: By the way, this is exactly why there were traditional manhood initiation rites in pagan cultures; it was to help young males make the difficult transition from boyhood to manhood. There is a woeful shortage of manhood initiation rites in today's culture, and this crop of "guys, not men" is what we have reaped as a result. It was also helped along by radical feminists and their false ideology, which tries to convince us all that there are no real and meaningful differences between the sexes. Yeah, right - go tell that to a bull and a cow.

    Nature endows us -- by way of chromosomes and hormones and physiology -- with some very deep and profound differences between the sexes. Humans are not androgynous by Nature. The "intersexed" births are very rare; 999 out of 1000 humans are unambiguously born as either male or female -- two opposite sexes that complement each other perfectly. But the full flowering of that sexual polarity is found in our cultivation of the feminine and masculine virtues.

    The religion of Wicca is based *mainly* on just that: the recognition of a divine polarity between masculine and feminine energies, the Lord and Lady, the Horned God and the Moon Goddess. That does not describe all pagan religions, of course; but it does describe the essential core of Wicca. Anyone who does not honor the polarity of masculine and feminine does not really belong in Wicca, and should perhaps seek out a religion that is more compatible with their denial of sacred gender.


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    I'm a woman, but I'm Wiccan. I'm also married, so I'm probably not helping your cause in here but I somehow just really wanted to pop in anyway. :)

    I don't have any clever pickup lines to contribute. Every time I've been around Pagans, if a man has wanted to try and "pick me up" they've said something like "you're sexy". Or - "Umm... hey..."

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    Stephen, isn't it funny how people can take questions that are meant to be light hearted and fun and get all up tight about it and then they have to give a stuffy humorless answer to prove themselves.

    I am a woman and I couldn't resist if someone came up to be an asked if I wanted to get "sky-clad" with them.

    Have a wonder filled day!

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    i agree with the guy who says he has nothing to prove but if you actualy manage to impress women with those lines knock yorself out and oli does us a great disservice associating wicca with satanism its bad enough when the christians do it i also make the point that there many gods to honor and honoring only godesses is unbalanced I personally like to honor cernunos as he is one of the most masculine and i am a hunter and he is my patron but i also honor brighid to keep balance

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    merry meet im a pagan...would you like to see my magick wand? roflmaooooooooo sorry ladys just kidding around...but i am wiccan/pagan bein in the craft 31yrs

    blessings to all my brothers&sisters )o(

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    i used to be wicca (im straight) but the goddess worship got to me so i divised my own brand of witchcraft somewhere between wicca and satanist where i worship the horned god inside me and through this i am connected to nature i a way that suits me. remember all religoins start from a person moulding existing religions to suit them (church of england-king henry modern witchcraft-gerald gardner) hope ive helped. blessed be )o(.

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    I like the one that goes hay princess I am your prince and look forward to seeing more of you.

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