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*!((--♥Users king/queen of the ring tournament round 4♥--))!*?

here's who made it through 2 round 4, vote for the winners!

Chuck vs Masters

HBG vs Eyes Cold

Gary V vs Donovan T

the winners of these matches will face of at the king/queen of the ring final in a triple threat match!

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    Masters!! - Hes definitely one of the coolest guys here!!

    HBG!! - this is me, right?! so yea, for obvious reasons!!

    Donovan T!! - one cool userr too!! good answerer!!

    thats about it!! :) lol.. i wanna be Queen!! :D YAY!!

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    Chuck vs Masters = Masters

    HBG vs Eyes Cold = HBG

    Gary V vs Donovan T = Donovan T

    Source(s): I'm a Legend in the making
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    Gary V (sorry Donovan)

  • Anonymous
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    Eyes cold

    Gary V vs Donovan T[Both had voted to me in 1st round.So I would like to give to both of them but I can select only one-Donavon T]

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  • usha
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    MizFit4Ever ? ??? ??z ?? ??????? (Sorry, won't be able to have the host win a adventure) count quantity this if i'm able to vote for me TexasRKOwned Randy Orton for the WWE Championship Christian for the WHC

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    No offense to anyone:



    -(Refraining from Answering, and for good reason; it's a really hard decision)

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    eyes cold

    gary v

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    1 decade ago

    Where am I? This sucks, sorry.

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