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相機memoary card問題 -- 顯示冇相

我將d相由電腦放落memoary card








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    This is normal phenomenon.

    Images shot on digital camera are stored in a common folder format. When you insert the memory card into the camera, certain folders will be automatically generated.

    When you shoot on camera A, all images will be stored in "x:\DCIM\101xxxx" where "x:" is the drive letter of the memory card and "101xxxx" the folder name, depending on camera make and/or model. If you subsequently shoot on cameras B, C etc. with the very same memory card, these images will be recorded in newly generated folders, eg. "x:\DCIM\102xxxx" "x:\DCIM\103xxxx" and so on.

    Images stored on the memory card can only be recognised by the particular camera model that makes these shots in the pre-assigned folder (mentioned above). Altering the images in any fashion will result in non-recognition by the camera. Also if you move the unaltered images out of the pre-assigned folder (eg. the root directory), such images will also not be recognisable by the camera.

    Meanwhile, a digital camera will NOT recognise images recorded from another digital camera model under normal circumstances. In some cases, images recorded from one camera model may be recognisable on another camera model as long as these camera models are from the same brand, but still problems can occur.

    If you need to present your photos in a mobile fashion, the only effective way is to get a portable photo viewer (eg. the Epson P-xx00 series).

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    Like I've said, there's NO definite way to solve the problem.

    You can, however, try the following:

    a. Make sure the memory card concerned has the file structure "x:\DCIM\101xxxx"

    b. Make sure the images to be uploaded to the card are shot by the very same camera model;

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    c. Make sure the images are in their EXACT original filenames, then upload them to the folder 101xxxx.

    2008-03-02 13:52:31 補充:

    If, however, the image concerned meets conditions (b) and (c) but is altered on computer (eg. Photoshop), it is still possible the camera may still not recognise the image, since information on the image header has been altered.

    This is a temporary solution and I cannot give you any guarantees.

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