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簡單的英語演講稿 ))急

我要演講一小篇英語演說 盡量好背的


內容可以有趣點 可以吸引人家注意的

拜託 很急><



盡量好背的 有趣的

明天就要用 很急~~

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    A young man is carrying a basket of coconuts.A friend sees him and asks"Where are you going?""I am taking these coconuts to the king as a gift .""Are you crazy?the king hates coconuts!But he likes tomatoes."So he takes some tomatoes to the king.The king hates coconuts,but he really hates tomatoes.The king is angry and yelling at him,"You are bringing tomatoes to me!I never eat tomatoes."The king tells a soldier to punish him."Throw tomatoes to him."The soldier is throwing tomatoes to him.Every time a tomato hits his head,he says,"Thank God!"The king is listening and asks,"A tomato hits you and you say'Thank God.'Why?""Thank god!You are punishing me with tomatoes and not coconuts."

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