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USAA insurance?

would anybody know a wild guess on how much a 1997 buick lesabre insurance would cost with usaa for a 19 year old???

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    Getting a quote is free (like most places) however if you get a quote at their website ( you get a $50.00 reduction in your rate. It lets you play with your options and adjust coverages, then if you have questions you can always call and talk about it.

    They offer deductions for multiple products, multiple drivers, and a number of other things. You really can't know how much it would cost unless you got a quote.

    Some of the nice features:

    They work with your military pay schedule

    You can choose different payment options, from paying in full, to semi monthly, to monthly.

    They are the experts when you deploy if you're military. They can reduce your coverage to the minimum allowed by law in your state if you're going to just store your vehicle while you are deployed

    They will always always take care of you no matter where you live or travel, and that's true of all their services (Banking, Investments, Insurance, Advice)

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    Since USAA is a "captive" company, none of the agents on this site would have those rates - as the coverage is ONLY available to miltary personnel (active duty, reserve or retired) and their families.

    Call USAA. They probably have a 1-800 number and are probably OPEN most of the time. They are a GREAT company and provide great service to their members.

    Good luck and sorry I couldn't be of MORE assistance!

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    No one will be able to even give you a wild guess, you didn't mention your state, coverages, driving record, vehicle use, etc. There are too many unanswered questions. The only place that will be able to tell you is the company, call for a real quote.

    If you really want a WILD guess, I would say anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 per year.

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    travel insurance where is it in the website

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