What seemingly hard aspect do U feel have to be worked out 1st before the hope of establishing harmonious...?

partnerships (including marriage) can be achieved? Well, this is directed more at those who have experienced their fair share of heartache & still want to get coupled up or married anyway! I am doing some research into this topic so anyone is welcomed to give input..

I was just reading Liz Greene's "Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil" and felt 'inspired' to ask this question..since everyone is afflicted to a certain extent by some 'malefic' energies in the chart & it is of paramount importance to work out these pressing issues before one can hope to establish meaningfulness with others...

The aspects can be pertaining to a sign, House, or planetary contacts. E.g Saturn Conjunct Sun in 12th House etc...

Looking forward to reading those insightful answers...thanks in advance!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I have a Moon Conjunct Saturn/Neptune which often leaves me feeling pessimistic and depressed.

    I've often found that debilitating and at some times feel overwhelmed and that I just have no more to give to my relationships.

    My mate is not much of a nurturer most of the time, is a bit of a hot head (with his Mars and Asc in Scorpio) and doesn't really understand my withdrawal, so when I get like that and it confuses him and makes him angry, which makes matters worse. I think he believes that just being married to him should solve all my worries.....:)

    So, that's an issue we've been working through for years...Let's face it, though..in 10 years, there's bound to be something, right?

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  • Shilo
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    1 decade ago

    Ooh, cool research topic.

    I am married x 20 years - very tumultuos relationship; always wonder if I would have been better off never to have married; but my Saturn in Scorpio in the 5th house is semisquare (1degree 29 seconds) Venus in Capricorn in the 6th house. Is it any wonder that my husband and I own a business together. He is the happiest when I am working hard in the business - that is his idea of romance, I think. When I accept this as my destiny, things work well with us. When I slack off and think of my own independence, all kinds of problems occur. I hope this makes sense and helps a little.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    cool...I have that book too..

    but if you read it carefully.not all is bad.......

    The Saturn return is a moment of retrospective......really not as drastic as a strong Pluto transit or even a Uranus one..

    That book put things in perspective..

    around 28-29 you start to feel that Saturn return. It does not fall upon you just like that..time to make decisions..settle down, throw off old habits etc..

    Read that book again....Saturn teaches lessons..it is not always the "malefic planet" at all....at least Liz Greene had the guts to review what she learnt and expanded on her latest books. In association with Stephen Arroyo and Howard Saspostas ( delighful readings..........like novels but serious).

    I made a very very very very bad decision on my Saturn return..( going for comfort, society things etc).....totally against what my very soul was screaming...enough said.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well as the saying goes, you need to learn to love yourself before you can truly love others. That we have to criticize ourself first before we do others. and everything starts from within, coz thats what we will put out there.

    I would say any malefic aspects in the moon especially.

    since this really gives a deep and profound impact on intimate relationships.

    sun squared/opposition moon if not surpassed not only would give wrong vibes and feeling towards the other. not to mention his own personal battles, how can you know the person your holding beside you if you dont even know yourself.

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  • mj
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    I don't think it's as easy to have a perfect relationship this day and age as it was when my parents married.. those long marriages seem to be short lived for most of the population... How many couples do you know that have stayed happy in a long relationship or a marriage?

    I have tried it two times... The first was for 8 years and the second was for 14 plus 3 years of dating... He cheated on me when an old flame popped up into his life... We had a pretty good and tight marriage ... He left me for her, married her, and then divorced less than two years into it... The grass is never greener, only different... He broke my heart more than anything in my entire life.... Its been 5 years now and altho I have had a man friend, I do not love him..He has a lot of good qualities about him but he seems to think that he doesn't have to contribute anything and is basically lazy.. Everyone must pay to live.... It isn't free.....

    Most men I know including the guy who freeloads off of me, are impatient, have the careless attitute, want to be pampered, and have short fuses over nothing... jerks...

    I don't believe you have to love yourself first...

    I have never had any trouble dealing with heartaches or the past so anyone telling me that I must love me first? You can tell that I DO love me... but I am never number one.... But that is because I choose to be the caregiver in the relationship and waiting for it to be returned someday...... I don't see much of a return or anyone jumping up and running to do a few nice things for me..... Men are spoiled babies, career freaks, and want their cake and eat it too..... NO thanks..

    I don't think it is possible to find true happiness and I wouldn't

    know where to look.. I tryed the dating sites but most of those guys want some fast recreation with you and they don't want to share their life or money...... I am very pretty and own my own home so I know it isn't me...

    I think some of the pressing issues of today are TRUST, loyalty, and $$$$$. All three must be in place.

    Acceptence for any flaws has to be accepted too. No one is perfect.. But some men want trophey brides before they accept a chubby girlfriend.... But if they are bald and fat, they think it is ok.....And most of my girlfriends who want that tall handsome gent with the bling and the $$$.. A few of them are trophy material and in their 40's and still unmarried... They date for awhile and then its the man who wants to cut it off, play the field, or not marry them.... Sad..

    My thoughts are: I am not looking for love....

    If it should happen? then let it.....

    I am not going to dwell on energies or flipping men to find true happiness..I have been told that love will find you if it is meant to be.... Ok, can you tell me when?

    I wish it were that easy.....

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