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Anyone sick of American Bodies going to the morgue because of Illegal Immigrants yet?

Im pretty tired of seeing articles like the link Im posting with this question...

I think the Politicians in Washington.... who claim immunity from being prosecuted by sitting in their Ivory Towers...and doing NOTHING to secure our borders but argue....

are DIRECTLY responsible for these young American Deaths.

How do you See it?

And why?

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    I was sick of it years ago. A friend of mine was brutally murdered by a illegal immigrant. Her death was 100% preventable.

    Over 25% of all federal prisoners are foreigners even though they are just a small percentage of the U.S. population.(Most are from Mexico said a government report )

    U.S. government website:

    California alone spends over $700 million a year on criminal illegal alien prisoners. The amount jumps to over $1 billion a year when you include local jails, police costs, and court costs.

    Since Illegal Immigration Kills More Americans Than Iraq Does, Why Do Democrats...?

    240,000 FOREIGN SEX OFFENDERS IN U.S. 100 new ones cross the border daily. "Based on a one-year in-depth study, a researcher estimates there are about 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States who have had an average of four victims each. "

    TWO ELDER NUNS RAPED BY UNDOCUMENTED WORKER. ONE WAS LATER KILLED BY THE WORKER. "Police charged a man with sexually assaulting a nun and strangling her with her rosary beads as she took a late-night stroll with another nun. The other woman was also sexually assaulted, police said."..."Maximiliano Cilerio Esparza, 32, was charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping, assault, sodomy, sexual abuse and possession and delivery of a controlled substance. He was being held without bail at the Klamath County Jail"

    1000'S SEX OFFENDERS CROSSING BORDER says U.S. government. "The U.S. Border Patrol has arrested tens of thousands of people with criminal records, including suspected murderers, rapists and child molesters, since the agency last year installed a fingerprinting system that identifies criminals among the 1 million illegal migrants apprehended annually."

    Source: Richard Marosi, “Criminals at the Border Thwarted by Own Hands,” Los Angeles Times, 19 Feb. 2005: A1

    UNDOCUMENTED WORKER RAPED & KILLED 16 YEAR OLD. In February, an illegal alien raped and murdered 16-year-old Brittany Binger. She was beaten so bad that the authorities needed dental records to identify her body. The alleged killer, Oswelda Martinez, had been in custody months earlier in 2004 for drunk driving, driving without a license and possessing a fake Social Security card. Yet Martinez stayed in the United States in spite of that arrest.

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    Yes ... over 9000 innocent american men women and children are killed every year by illegals. Over half of the prisoners in California are now illegals. Here is a story of a fake doctor from Mexico, an illegal, disfiguring women and fleeing back to Mexico. It is way past time we make our elected representatives enforce our laws and protect our borders.

    To Emmy: Yes, deporting all the illegals will not stop all murders or drunk driving fatalities ... but by enforcing our laws and securing our borders a lot more of the people who would be dead, will live .... these deaths are preventable ... so why is it they don't matter to you?

    Great sentiments Emmy ... so I'm sure you leave your door open for any homeless person to walk in and help themselves to your refrigerator, bathroom and bed? Or is it you just want others to foot all the responsibility for your charity? ... as well as the consequences?

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    Wait... so, since on a national level, illegal aliens make up a percentage, but not the majority, of convicted murders, the majority is made up of... American Citizens!


    That must mean ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE MURDERERS, because everyone is the same, based on the legal status of their residence!

    Or perhaps, murders committed by citizens are less illegal than those committed by illegal aliens!? Yeah, that's it... those are like, ULTRA ILLEGAL. I mean, the citizens were here legally-- they had a RIGHT to kill people.

    And really, nothing determines a persons morality like whether or not they are unlawfully living in a country, even if it was to escape poverty, corruption and oppressive conditions!

    I know if I'm ever murdered, it had better be done by a LEGAL murderer.


    KW: I appreciate your response, however:

    There are many radical things we could do to prevent murder-- that doesn't mean we should, as many of them involve hurting people who have done relatively very little. It doesn't mean that illegal immigrants aren't doing something illegal-- as are all high school students who drink, which I can assure you, is most of them. People die as a result of under aged drinking. Should we penalize all of those who drink under the legal age as harshly as we do those who drinks illegaly and then end up killing someone?

    Statistics don't say that illegal immigrants committ murderous crimes on a higher rate. Blaming all immigrants that come here to work-- people who come here with a dream of being free and having opportunity, ideas America was built upon-- for the crimes of a minority is completely unfair. The vast majority are simply trying improve their lives-- they're being demonized because of the crimes of a few.

    .Why is it that the lives of people who are being oppressed and abused and come to America with hope and dreams of a better life, simply because they are foreign, mean less to you?

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    i thought it was going to be about the California gangs that are overtaking the neighborhoods~!!!

    as far as the link goes, i hear about this kind of accident happening all the time, and its not always illegal immigrants~!!!

    its usually a soccer mom with a van full of kids that drops the cell phone and goes after it, then boom~!!!

    or some kids that just graduated, and they are flyin down the road with all their buddies and not paying attention, then a crash happens, usually killing everyone~!!!

    Source(s): me!
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    YES, they kill more Americans annually than have died in the entire war in Iraq. but until one of them kills a major Democratic politician nothing is going to be done about it

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    Im actually sick of people using a biased Fox for there news source.. Fox news is for the dumb and ignorant.

    here is a counter source, and a real news choice..

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    Murder is wrong period. Shouldn't be done by anyone. Should worry more about violence instead of tacking it to illegal immegrants.

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