how does your invention become famous??

Our school annually does things such as Invention Convention, where we invent things or innovate that no one else in the world has done. We also have our science fair about cool experiments, formulas that have never been invented before, amazing stats/facts.

And if the lightbulb/oacemaker/penicilin and all those others things got famous? How do our inventions get famous?? Trust me, they are amazing!! (Can't reveal them or else you guys will try to steal it)

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    In modern times the first and biggest step towards having a successful (famous) invention is inventing something that people genuinely need, or will genuinely want. Once you have met that very important requirement you will need to find an investor in order to secure the funds that are required to actually produce your invention, and then it will have to be marketed and sold.

    Whether or not it becomes famous depends on how popular it becomes, which is often directly a result of how well it was marketed.

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    It makes a significant contribution to society. Make that your emphasis, and work seriously at it, and you greatly increase your chances of being rewarded.

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