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Recommend a good color to combine with green for a Latin Ballroom costume?

I'm making a new latin dress to compete in Adult Pre-Champ. It will be lime-green or neon-green, as bright as a highlighter pen. I want to add details of a different color to make it look a little tamer. I'm experimenting with black lace, but I don't quite like it. Dark blue looks good, but too many people use this combination and they are both very bright colors, so I don't quile like it either. Ideas, please?


Forgot to say: I'm blonde and I wear tons of tanner for Latin.

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    White will go nicely.


    Bright orange and turquoise




    Sea green



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    You could add 2 types of green to contrast or you could have a lining of gold trim around the edges. Purlpe would look quite nice and so would a very light pink or white...

    Good luck with the

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    You could use a dark green like a forest green.

    yellow/copper/mustard yellow


    a light brown.

    hope I was abe to help!! Good luck at the competition!

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    I think white and green will look a nice fresh elegant colour combination.

    You'll want one strong colour (the green) then you'll want to balance it out with a neutral colour.

    2 strong colours can look messy

    Good luck!!!

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    Silver, purple, turqouise, One of those three off the top or a deeper green. I bet that would make it subtle

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