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If someone's birthday is Feb. 29, and it is a year where there are only 28 days, what day do they get older?

if someone's b-day is on the 29th., and there are only 28 days in feb. in a particular year, how do they know what day they actually have turned a yr. older?

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    Feb. 29th happens every four years. So look at it like this. You are born on Feb. 29, in 365 days you will be one year old (March 1st.). In 365 more days, you will be two years old (March 1st.). In 365 more days, you will be three years old. (March 1st.). In 365 more days, you will be four years old. (March 2nd)

    Or would you, on the fourth year, throw away the two days and celebrate the birthday on the 29th?

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    it doesn't matter that the day isn't there

    they've still lived as long as the rest of us as far as the corresponding years go.

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    they just celebrate it on the 28th or the 1st of march

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    My guess would be march 1st

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