Major cliffs in Australia - Location on a map?

Can someone please tell me the names of 2 major cliffs in Australia. I need to map them as well, so a map with the locations would be really great!

Hope someone can help

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    The most dramatic cliffs in Australia tend to be coastal.

    The "twelve apostles" are a group of eight limestone pillars rising out of the sea, near the limestone cliffs just off the Great Ocean Road in Victoria (38°36'34" south, 142°53'51" east).

    Tasmania has some incredible scenery. The east coast of Bruny Island (43°23'23" south, 147°22'37" east) has some cliffs rising straight from the sea; also check out The Candle at 43°8'20" south, 148°0'24" east).

    Mount Arapiles near Natimuk in Victoria is probably the best place for rock-climbing. It's at 36°45'03" south, 141°50' east. Not so much cliffs as a mountain.

    Stanwell Tops, near Otford, is a popular cliff site for paragliders. It's on the New South Wales coast, between Sydney and Woollongong, at 34°13'26" south, 151° east. There's a coastal road that winds through the cliffs, and a bridge has been built through them, which looks quite interesting.

    Hope this helps.

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