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Alright, did Disney create The Swan Princess?

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    no. richard rich did. The production, which took 4 1/2 years to complete, utilized the skills of more than 250 artists, who produced 220,000 hand-drawn acetate panels or cels. Director Richard Rich rejected the option of using computer technology in the animation process. Though computers would have saved time and were more cost-effective, he felt that the image they produced lacked the depth of color that hand-painting created.

    A Rich Animal Studios Production.

    Additional credits: Brett Hayden, Richmond Hornie (production manager); Daniel Bunn, David Link, Ralph Migliori, Bingo Ferguson, Mark Henley (camera operators); James Coleman (art director); Larry Bastian (score conductor/orchestrator); Larry Schwartz (score orchestrator); Richard Stewart, Patricia Peck (music editor); Andy D'Addario (sound re-recording mixer).

    Supervising animators: Chrystal S. Klabunde (Prince Derek); Daniel Boulos (Speed); Rich Farmiloe (Puffin); Donnachada Daly (Townspeople).

    Effects animation: Michel Gagne (supervising animator); Debora Middleton Kupczyk (lead animator).

    The video features 8 original musical productions, including:

    "Far Longer than Forever" performed by Regina Belle and

    Jeffrey Osborne

    "Eternity" by Miwa Yoshida, Mike Pela, David Zippel, Masata

    Nakamura, performed by Dreams Come True

    "This is My Idea" performed by Sandy Duncan, Dakin

    Matthews, Howard McGillin, Liz Callaway, Adam Wylie,

    J.D. Daniels, Wes Brewer, Adrian Zahiri, Larisa

    Oleynik, Alisa Nordberg, Steven Stewart

    "Practice, Practice, Practice" performed by Paul Ainsley,

    Ric Stoneback, Tom Alan Robbins, Lenny Wolpe, Sandy


    "Far Longer than Forever" performed by Liz Callaway,

    Howard McGillin

    "No Fear" performed by Liz Callaway, Steve Vinovich,

    Jonathan Hadary, David Zippel

    "No More Mr. Nice Guy" performed by Lex de Azevedo, Emilie

    de Azevedo, Emily Pearson, Julie de Azevedo, Rachel

    de Azevedo, Melissa Pace

    "Princesses on Parade" performed by Davis Gaines, Mark

    Harelik, Jon Joyce, Randel Crenshaw, Amick Bryam,

    Stephen Amerson

    Source(s): EX-Disney animation director. was in a dictionary.
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    The Swan Princess is directed by EX-Disney animation director, Richard Rich.

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    Disney made people think about dwarfs alot, and there is a scripture that says, "don,t think on, about a dwarf"" this is not an answer to your question, but i would not really think Disney was someone God wanted people listening to, and maybe it was Hans Christian Anderson who created the Swan Princess,

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    i am smart! =P i wish.. but i really dont think disney created the swan princess..

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    No, it's based on the ballet Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky

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    I don't know, but Disney sure created a bunch of Britney's and Cristinas'

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

    good luck

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    No Richard Rich did.

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    Old Walter, you mean? Don't know, but

    I'll bet if he hadn't he may've known who did.

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    No of course not!!!

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