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Limited company

1)What are the differences between private limited company and public

limited company(listed)?

2)Which type of limited company can take off other company?(listed,not

listed or private)

3.Which type of company can be taken off?How can a company take off

another company?(The process)

4.What are the advantages of limited company?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. The share of private company is restricted for transfer, the share of public company can be traded in the stock market.

    2. any Limited companies can take over other companies, but subject to directors' approval of that companies.

    3. Do the share transfer (for private company) by providing a document shown the no. share, consideration, both parties' name, etc. usually called instrutement of transfer, and bought & sold note, plus a notice to the stamp office, written agreement of share transfer is not necessary. Public company, please see listing rules and company ordinary, also reg. of HKEx.

    4. limited liabilities, but you have to pay fee of annual return, and aduited fee, etc. every year.

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