OKAY< ITS GEOGRAPHY! I NEED HELP PLEASE!! I only have 2 more questions on this god forsaken homework. Agh!

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Okay, these are the questions: 1. If you start at the equator and travel to 10 degrees North latitude, approximately how many kilometers (or miles) north of the equator will you ...show more
Update : The teacher says "its a simple answer".. ya.. i dont know why, ...show more
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1. A degree of latitude is 60 nautical miles, 69 statute miles, or 10000/90 kilometers.

2. True; the meridians are closer together the farther north you go. They meet at the poles. At 60 degrees north or south, the distance is half what it is at the equator.
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  • frediwhite@verizon.net answered 6 years ago
    The circumference is 360 degrees. The equator is at 90, so you would travel 80 degrees, which is .222 of the circumference. (80/360) Multiply by 40,000, you get 8,888 kilometers.

    One degree of longitude at the equator is longer because meridians of longitude converge at the poles. I think you multiply by the sine of the latitude to get the distance. (I didn't look it up.)
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  • Horia C answered 6 years ago
    1)1000 kilometers (i looked at the map:)


    2)i dunno..math drives me crazy lol
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