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guitar tab question.?

i was looking at a tab for the song plush by stone temple pilots and was wondering how you play if there is a blank string. for example 3 0033. there's nothing between the the first three and the open. do you play the fifth string open? here is the site:

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you try to get that string to be muted

    for instance thats a G chord--u but ur pinky and ring finger on the bottom 2 strings...then u put ur middle on the top string--u let it lean over onto the 5th string so it doesnt ring..when u pick it u should just hear a muffled sound(thats how u know ur soing it right) so when u strum the chord only 5 notes will ring out./..try picking each string individually to see if u got it

    hope this helps..its hard to explain ..

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