Why didn't Amy Adams sing That's How You Know at the Oscars?

She sang The Happy Working Song...


JuicyDiamond...That's How You Know WAS nominated, along with two other Enchanted songs. Just though I'd let you know, thanks.

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    Let's get it straight. Forget all the horrible and hurtful answers, because I am a big Amy Adams fan and i know the answer of course. =D But if you don't give a damn, it's ok but i am still writing

    The answer is that the song is quite heavy for her, and having her sung Happy Working Song, she might not make it for That's How You Know, that means they were afraid she might make mistakes, so they hired Chenoweth. I felt like vomitting when i saw Kristen Chenoweth sing That's How You Know (no offense). I thought Chenoweth was young, but her voice was way too deep, and at least it isn't as magical as Amy Adams' performance in Central Park in the movie. Still, Amy Adams sang a song, and i felt so proud of being her fan. She's so gorgeous in the Oscars, she's the most prettiest too... =)

    I am really upset that the none of the three songs won. However maybe i guess that Enchanted was like competing with No Country for Old Men which was like by many people so much, so, Once got the Oscar, but also the price paid for not making Enchanted win the Oscars is the woman not being able to make her speech as the song came when she wanted to speak... Go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WBqaIprAps

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    but well john stewart later told the guys to let her make the speech... -__-

    EDIT: ok i guess i feel like writing more. So i watched Amy Adams' performance and found out she was a bit 'fals' or something when she sung the part of 'still, as long as i am here' so maybe she shouldn't force herself to That's How You Know. and well maybe i feel that Chenoweth made the song more respectable by having a professional sing that song, but it's still the magic that Amy Adams put into That's How You Know that made it nice in the movie... and oh yeah about that woman, actually the right word to say it is 'her speech got cut off by the song'... and anyways please still watch the ending of the video....


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    5 years ago

    She sang it during the 2008 Oscar awards. I'm sure there's a video somewhere. Perhaps youtube or somewhere else.

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    Because it was a big stupid production number? Maybe she was in the back working on her next costume change...or maybe they had different people singing so that you didn't have to listen to the some person sing all of the songs.

    I thought "that's how you know" was done really poorly (I liked the other ones, though)....

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    1 decade ago

    Because its wasnt a nominee. Only the nominated songs were performed.

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    1 decade ago

    she didnt want to

    ask her

  • 1 decade ago

    only she can answer that

  • 1 decade ago

    she didn't wanna

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    cuz......... SHE DIDN:T FEEL LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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